Paper Impregnation Line

Qiangtong joint venture brand NTC is specialized in manufacturing paper impregnation lines. It is for dipping melamine glue or phenolic glue or urea glue on decorative paper or kraft paper for making melamine-faced boards or HPL laminates. It has mainly two types, one step line, and two steps line. Our impregnation line’s highest speed could reach 50 m/min for decor paper and 100 m/min for kraft paper.

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paper impregnation line dipping unit

The dipping machine is the first step of impregnating which is the most important part of the impregnation line. Compared with the traditional welding dipping machine, the assembled dipping machine has higher dipping accuracy, and the body is thicker and more stable, which minimizes the jumping of the paper and ensures the uniformity of dipping.

Auto unwinder of impregnation line

The active high-power motor-driven automatic un-winder can automatically switch the paper rollers without stopping the working impregnation line, and the success rate of paper splicing is as high as 98%, which greatly saves the paper loss caused by each time changing paper rolls. Since the production is not stopped, the working capacity of the production line is also increased.

paper impregnation line 22

The automatic double-layer palletizing system of the impregnation line can not only save labor but also realize the non-stop continuous production in a real sense, thereby improving production efficiency and saving paper waste caused by each stoppage. The traditional single-layer stacking system requires 6 workers, while the fully automatic discharging system only needs 1 worker.

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Why Qiangtong · NTC Paper Impregnation Line

  • 15+ years experience in manufacturing paper impregnation lines.

  • 70% occupation of high-level HPL laminates manufacturers.

  • Top-level technology which can reach the highest output of line.

  • Complete solutions of whole impregnation line production.

  • Provide production skills training and glue-making formula.

impregnation line 12

Brief Introduction about NTC

NTC was founded in 2006, and in 2012 Qiangtong joined together with NTC in international market development. Till now NTC has 15 years of experience in manufacturing paper impregnation lines. NTC started from a small workshop till today it has 10,000 square meters workshop and hundreds of employees. If we consider their air pollution system workshop, totally the group company has 50,000 square meters factory.

Impregnation line factory

Details of NTC Paper Impregnation Lines

  • Un-winding system of impregnation lines

paper impregnation line part 5

The working principle of the un-winder is to use the expansion and contraction uncoiling method. The paper material is placed vertically on the expansion and contraction drum. After being tensioned by the expansion and contraction drum, the motor drives the expansion and contraction drum to rotate, which drives the coil to unwind, and then the tape after unwinding, it sags naturally, stops automatically when it touches the induction frame, and continues to discharge after leaving the induction frame. The unwinder has an auto paper join system. It consists of:

a) Unwinder device

  • Rotate speed: 1 roll per min, fixed
  • 2 pcs Gearbox
  • 2 pcs Air shaft Φ75mm, 45# steel with chrome
  • 2 pcs Pneumatic breaker Φ300mm, 100N/m, with air cooler, max. break fit for line speed 200 m/min

b) Paper jointer

  • 1 pcs Robber roller
  • 1 pcs Saw cutter

c) Electrical cabinet

  • PLC
  • Touch screen
  • Inverter
  • Assembly Type Glue Dipping Machine

paper impregnation part 3

The dipping machine of the impregnation line includes a dipping tank, a dipping roller is arranged in the dipping tank, the dipping roller is connected to a lifting cylinder of the dipping roller through a bracket, and a pressing device is arranged on the dipping tank. It consists of:

a) Frame structure

b) Backside coating

c) Breath part

d) Impregnator part

e) Squeezing part

  • It has an automatic and manual operation model.
  • In manual operation, the controller is on one side but can adjust two sides.
  • In the automatic mode, it can adjust automatically by setting value through the cabinet panel beside it.
  • The gap between the squeezing rollers is shown on the screen, and you can adjust.
  • It consists of the below rollers:
  • 1 pcs stainless steel roller, Φ260mm, 3.5mm tube thickness, jumping accuracy is < 4 um under 100m/min speed, 0.3mm chrome surface and it has 62 CR hardness.
  • 1 pcs rubber roller, Φ260mm, 30mm steel tube thickness, 20mm robber rube thickness, 90-degree hardness.

f) Glue tank

g) Glue tank heater

  • Hot Air Drying Ovens of Impregnation Line
  • General description

paper impregnation line

The drying oven consists of a drying section, wet exhaust system, automatic door, and temperature control system, the length of each step is 3750 mm. 

The heating method is gas direct burning heating method, according to drying technological requirements, each dry section is a separate area, each area can settle the separate working temperature so that to make the actual temperature and settled temperature keep the same, the temperature normally stays at 120180. Each section has a hydrogen interface, it is controlled by a manual fan door, according to technological requirements, the operator can settle the opening of hydrogen interface.

Hot air system motor of drying machine is equipped with variable frequency speed control system.

  • Structure of dry oven

paper impregnation part 2

Each drying section and air curtains frame are all made of rectangular pipe and square pipe weld units, with high strength and little deformation. The inner of the drying oven consists of a fan oven, air passage, and specially designed nozzle, air heater, chain guide for the tracking machine. The frame is an insulation wall panel and insulation door, insulation door is a semi-automatic opening with double layers seal. Each hot air passage has the butterfly throttle, hydrogen interface, and butterfly valve. 

  • Accurate Smart Rotate Cutter of Impregnation Line

paper impregnation line part 7

There has one pair of feeding rollers before the paper cutter, cutter works with the feeding roller can make the fix-length cut. Press roller adopts cylinder for lifting, feeding roller speed is adjustable, adjust switch is settled at the side of feeding direction, it is convenient for adjusting the tension of the pulling paper, cutting precision is in 2mm, diagonal error is in 2mm. The cutting length is adjustable. Cutting paper range from 18 gsm to 140 gsm. It has a quantity counter which has an automatic alarm, any size settled.

The cutter is worked together with the pulling machine. Traction pulling machine not only provides the power for normal operation but also can bring the high-temperature paper to the first cooling step from the drying section, till the paper cools to a suitable temperature, then start the next step. Traction roller is a φ800mm galvanized steel roller, cooling water pass through the roller. The tracking machine is equipped with a cylinder paper press roller.

  • Automatic Two Layers Stacking System

paper impregnation line part 6

The traditional paper output system consists of a conveyor belt and a lifting platform, requiring workers to observe whether the paper is full from time to time. When the paper is full, the pallet needs to be removed by a forklift immediately, and the paper coming out of the production line must be quickly rolled up and put aside. If the rolling action is not skilled, it will cause a lot of waste of paper. Wait until a new empty tray is placed on the lift platform before re-feeding. The automatic double-layer discharge system does not require workers to roll the paper nervously. When a tray is full, switch the paper output position directly through the button control system, and change to a new empty tray to discharge material. Workers can easily change pallets without being nervous and messy, and it also does not slow down the production line. It greatly improves production efficiency, saves the waste of paper, and more importantly, saves a lot of labor.

Delivery of Impregnation Lines

The paper impregnation line only requires standard containers by high cube volume. Normally one line requires 4~6 containers by 40’HQ. Depends on how many dryers are in configuration.

Impregnation line load containers


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