High Pressure Laminate Flooring Press Machine

Qiangtong is good at manufacturing high-pressure laminate flooring press machine since 2003 when we were founded. The unit pressure is up to 100 kg/cm2 which is for producing deep embossing and 3D synchronous flooring surface.

The laminate flooring press machine is double side laminating with 3 layers of papers and HDF. The flooring production requires a stand cooling line together with a press machine. Qiangtong does not only provide press machine but also the whole project support.

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Qiangtong Laminate Flooring Press Machine

  • Parameters of laminate flooring press machine


  • Applications of laminate flooring press machine

Qiangtong laminated flooring hot press machine is used for laminating melamine paper on HDF by hydraulic pressure.

The laminatde flooring hot press machine working principle is by supplying heat and pressure, pass through hot platen then come to the surface of melamine paper, make the melamine glue melt and become solid with certain texture by the stainless steel plate, then leads a designed surface on the laminates’ surface.

laminate flooring 2

The main difference in the laminated flooring hot press machine between the furniture board and the floor is that the type of impregnated paper is different, and the floor needs higher wear resistance.

The floor, also known as the laminated floor, refers to a layer of one or two layers (decorative paper and wear-resistant paper) for the specially impregnated paper on the surface of the high-density fiberboard, the backside with balance paper, and the hot-pressed floor.

  • Texture of laminate flooring press machine

Different pressures can be pressed against different surface texture.

The YX1400-YX2800 serious laminated flooring hot press machine is used for laminate flooring by ACP/ Melamine paper on HDF.

YX1400-1800 is used for smooth surface floors, such as glossy, matt, and suede floors.

YX2000-2800 serious laminated flooring hot press machine is used for top grade composite floors with a variety of surface textures such as V-groove, deep emboss, Hand scratch, etc.

laminate flooring

  • Models of laminate flooring press machine

Model CL1 and CL2 are based on the press machine which adding the cooling line, the difference is the stacking way, CL1 is just lifter while CL2 is a vacuum pad unloader which can protect laminates surface without friction.

Model ACL1 and ACL2 are based on the CL1 and CL2 which adding the automatic loading line before the press machine, the difference is one is simply another is a completely automatic line.

laminate press models 1

laminate press model 2

Whole Laminate Flooring Project

Qiangtong is not only professional in manufacturing laminate flooring short-cycle press machine, but also provide whole laminate flooring production turnkey project. The whole line working process is the first hot press machine to make the big size laminated board, then go to the dividing machine which is multi rips cutting machine to divide the big panel into small flooring sizes. After that, you need to put the raw floors without click in a warehouse for one week to release the tension of the inside board. Then go to the click profiling machine to make clicks for flooring. After that, you need to make the wax coating to seal the click preventing moisture and reduce noise coming from flooring clicks when overlay in house. Then stack the flooring into 10 or 12 pcs some fixed quantity for packed into a carton box, outside the carton box you need to wrap the film by hot shrinking to avoid water during transportation. In the end, to make big pallets into your warehouse and ready to sell.

laminate flooring project map

We can design the whole line overlay according to your workshop space, because different space needs different overlay to match. So the flexibility of whole line design and ability of organization are the most important of success the whole project.

Below is one example for some client, contact us to get more free samples or designs for your own plant.

Laminate flooring line layout

Note: Wiseway is our automation factory which is the subordinate workshop of  Qiangtong

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