New Design High Speed Short Cycle Press Lines

Qiangtong short-cycle press lines are excellent in the performance of melamine direct lamination work. It works by providing the high temperature and nominated pressure on the textured stainless steel plate to stamp the design on the melamine paper overlaying on MDF or Particleboard etc. core board.

The automatic short cycle press line takes PLC intelligent control as the core and adopts the assembly line operation, which can save labor costs and improve production efficiency.

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Qiangtong Short Cycle Press Lines

  • Applications of short-cycle press lines:

Qiangtong short cycle hot press lines mainly used for laminating melamine paper on MDF, HDF, chipboard, particleboard, and plywood, to get a different kind of surface textures such as glossy, matt, suede, wood grain, stone, 3D, etc. The melamine paper is made by paper impregnation line.

These products are suitable for furniture board, flooring, door skin, and molded laminated products.

application of short cycle press lines

  • Models of short-cycle press lines:

Qiangtong short cycle hot press lines has semi-auto models and fully auto models two main types, this product details we only introduce our fully auto press model. In our fully auto press machine, we have three typical automation models, Model ZD-A, ZD-B and ZD-C.


  • Model ZD-A


  • Model ZD-B


  • Model ZD-C


Model ZD-A consists of 7 parts: bridge big pad carrier for carrying board automatically, belt conveyor loader for loading board into press, short cycle hot press, Vacuum pad unloader for taking board out of press, full automatic trimmer for trimming edges of laminates, belt conveyor with turnover for turn over the panel and alignment before stacking, and bridge big pad carrier for stacking the end boards. Model ZD-B increase 4 parts and Model ZD-C has 12 parts.

We don’t list all the parts here, because we can customize the automation solution according to the customer’s needs.

  • Parameters of short-cycle press lines

Data-sheet of short cycle press machine

New Design Short Cycle Press Lines

Qiangtong short cycle press lines has developed to 5th generation which has the most output capacity, daily could laminate up to 2500 sheets per day by 20 hours working time. The fast speed comes from two main parts improved, one is loader & unloader, another is hydraulic system.

short cycle press lines 1

The 5th design of Qiangtong short cycle press lines has serve driven belt loader and unloader. Meanwhile the loader and unloader are installed in one trial which makes servo moving more smoothly. The unloader has arm swing design, when the short cycle press lines is pressing, it already stays inside press machine on the side. When the short cycle press lines open, the pads swing to the middle to take the board out, meanwhile the loader loads the next prepared board with papers. It saves 5.5 seconds totally comparing with previous generations.

short cycle press lines 2

New design belt conveyor loader and vacuum pad unloader

loader and unloader of short cycle press

New design arm swing vacuum pad unloader

arm swing unloder of short cycle press

The hydraulic system has much improved in the 5th design of Qiangtong short cycle press lines. It has one 40L accumulator to save the time of pressure raising up and pressure releasing time. The top oil tank of short cycle press lines is changed from central to distributed, so for every cylinder has its own oil storage and buffering tank. It is obvious that the oil injecting and releasing time is less than before. Meanwhile, the hydraulic valves of the new short cycle press lines has larger aperture which makes the hydraulic oil moving faster. The hydraulic station total improvement saves 4 seconds totally comparing with previous generations.

hydraulic system of short cycle press

Besides, the new generation short cycle press lines main oil cylinders are improved as well. The piston of cylinder is made by cast iron which has chrome on surface as well. The hardness of piston surface could reach to HRC55, it is much more wearable than before. So the life of cylinder seals of new short cycle press lines is much longer which reduces much maintenance work. The insulation between cylinders and hot platens is also developed to air block structure, which prevent the heat transferring from hot platen to cylinders very efficiently. As we all know, the temperature of hydraulic station staying under 45 degree is very helpful to keep the pressing work well. Hence, the new short cycle press lines hydraulic oil temperature can be hold under 50 degree to have more stable performance in hydraulic system.

new design short cycle press cylinder

New Design & Old Design Compare

  • The outlooking appearance and body frame

The new design short-cycle press machine is obviously taller and sharper than the old design. The new design body frames are assembled while the old design is welded. You could see the differences by below photos:

compare 1 of short cycle press lines

compare 2 of short cycle press lines

compare 4 of short cycle press lines

  • The top hydraulic oil storage tank

The old design is general central tank, it needs soften connector to connect the cylinders, the connectors sometimes are broken, and it’s not easy to repair Besides, the shared tank oil has cross flow which will remain some dusts on the bottom, by long time stick will cause the oil inject and outlet slower and slower the working cycle time.

But the new design is distributed design, which can make the oil inject and outlet much faster which can short the machine working cycle time. The second advantage is the new design top oil tank is connecting to the main cylinder directly without soften connector which was easily broken in the classic design. Much easier for maintenance.

  • The main pressure oil cylinders

The old design cylinders are installed inside press machine while the new design cylinders are installed outside press machine, this made the cylinders won’t have drag pressure to machine body frame so that machine could have longer life.

The old design heat prevent is by asbestos sheet, while new design is by big air block which has much better function in preventing heat transfer from hot platen to cylinders.

New design cylinders are stronger than old one, piston surface is smoother than old one. Besides, new design cylinder seals materials is European made.

  • The hydraulic system station


Qiangtong Introduction Gallery

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  • Loading & Delivery of Short Cycle Press

  • Exhibitions & Customers

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  • Partly Clients Logos for Reference

Advantages of Short Cycle Press Lines

Qiangtong has launched new design short cycle hot press machine in 2018.

There are many advantages compared with the old design short cycle hot press machine.

  1. The new design has a faster working speed, min. mechanical cycle time is only 10 seconds for 4’x8’ size manual model, and 13 seconds for an automatic model;
  2. The frame structure is assembled design instead of welding design as the old one, which makes transportation easier especially for heavy pressure models;
  3. Height of machine is higher than the old design, which makes the machine stronger;
  4. The new body design is more pressure bearing in cylinders holding positions which also make machine working life longer;
  5. The heat insulation way is by air block between oil cylinders and hot platens which has obviously suctioned of preventing heat transferring from hot oil to hydraulic oil;
  6. The new design top oil tank is individual instead of whole one set, which makes each cylinder has its own storage tank, filling oil faster, and easier for repairing the filling valve on the cylinder top;
  7. New design machine has a better cooling system for the hydraulic station;
  8. The servo system can save max. 30% of electrical power consumption.

Short Cycle Press Line

Qiangtong Press has always been at the forefront of innovation when it comes to the Short Cycle Press Line. This is why we have accumulated clients from over 20 countries in the 17 years that we have been manufacturing the Short Cycle Press Line.

Due to our vast experience, we understand what you value in a Short Cycle Press Line perfectly. As such, our premium Short Cycle Press Line is designed to make lamination an easy task. Not only will you find our products to be of superior quality, but you will also be thrilled by our professionalism and our logistical superiority.

Take a look at the latest iteration of our Short Cycle Press Line and the features that it offers. You will be surprised by how much you can save when you purchase one of our automated machines.

Automation and Versatility

One of the biggest advantages that you get from our Short Cycle Press Line is our automatic out-feeding and in-feeding system.

Automation also allows you to achieve higher efficiency by running the Short Cycle Press Line for longer periods of time. Your output will be much more consistent, allowing you to better predict delivery dates.

Apart from this, we also offer an automatic trimming machine in our Short Cycle Press Line that will make it much easier for you to customize the output to your liking. This will allow you to offer more options to the customer and be more flexible as a result.

Labor Cost Savings

Due to the automation and versatility that is mentioned above, you can save a lot of money by using a Short Cycle Press Line as opposed to a standard machine.

When you get our automatic Short Cycle Press Line, you need less than half the workers that you would need on a standard machine of this nature. Not only that, but the automation also makes a lot of processes such as in-feeding a lot safer.

Our automated Short Cycle Press Line is also not hampered by any human limitations, allowing you to run it for longer stretches. As long as you have proper cooling in place, you can achieve a much higher output using an automatic machine for the same price as the standard machine.

Robust New Design

The first thing that you should know is that we have a brand new design for our Short Cycle Press Line. This is a variant that is much faster than before. You will find a lot of additional features in the new design, such as:

  • A faster hydraulic station with fan cooling
  • Shorter belt loading and unloading time with an arm swing unloader
  • Shorter Cycle time
  • A higher input per hour
  • Servo motor for power savings
  • Accumulator

All of these features mean that you can have a higher daily output, thus allowing you to increase the capacity of your Short Cycle Press Line without having a large impact on its footprint.

All of our Short Cycle Press Lines include the standard Belt conveyor loader, press machine, vacuum pad unloader, output roller, hydraulic station, and the electrical cabinet. However, we also have a lot of additional features that are necessary for an optimal Short Cycle Press Line. Here are some of them!

The Cushion Pad and Stainless Steel Press Plate

The stainless steel chrome plate is what will imprint the texture on the laminated board. This is necessary if you want to be able to customize the lamination to your customer’s liking. The standard designs offered by our Short Cycle Press Line include glossy, matte, suede, and woodgrain finishes among others.

Similarly, you also need a cushion pad if you want a consistent amount of heat and pressure on your product. A cushion pad rests between the aforementioned chrome plate and the hot platen to transfer the heat.


While you get liquid cooling along with the standard Short Cycle Press Line, additional cooling may be required depending on your conditions and ventilation within your premises. As such, you can get 3 different types of cooling mechanisms for your Short Cycle Press Line’s hydraulics:

  • AC chiller
  • Plate exchange cooler
  • Fan cooler

Servo Motor for Hydraulic Station Pump

Apart from using a copper gasket to protect our pumps (it provides better seals), you also get a servo motor which reduces the movement in our Short Cycle Press Line. Because of this, you not only end up saving energy and electricity but you also get a Short Cycle Press Line that lasts for a lot more time than usual.

Usually, the one drawback for automatic Short Cycle Press Lines was the excess amount of electricity they consumed. However, you do not have to worry about that any more thanks to the servo motor.


The accumulator is an integral part of our Short Cycle Press Line. It is probably going to be the part that helps you gain the biggest edge over your competitors. It stores energy and uses it to increase the pressure on the system when required.

Because of this, you get higher overall output, shorter production cycles, and laminate quality that is hard to match in our Short Cycle Press Line.

Second Recycling Temperature Control System

While you can get the standard 3-way temperature control valve, we do not recommend it. The recycling temperature system on our Short Cycle Press Line makes sure that the temperature is uniform on the surface of the platen.

Since it has oil constantly flowing throughout the circulation even when the Short Cycle Press Line is at the required temperature, the laminate quality will be a lot more consistent.

Still, both systems have a maximum temperature of 450-degrees and an accuracy to 1-degree.

Qiangtong The Brand

We pride ourselves on having over 17 years of experience manufacturing Short Cycle Press Lines. With over 20 countries served during our life, we are constantly trying to improve and innovate our Short Cycle Press Line to better serve our customers.

We have over 10% of our 100-employee strong workforce engaged in R&D. Our constant push for innovation has led us to accumulate over 30 technical patents, giving us a unique edge over other Sort Cycle Press Line manufacturers.

With an output of 300 Short Cycle Press Lines every year, we ensure that you get timely delivery. We do this by being located in Wuxi City near Shanghai. We utilize its cargo shipping facility and international airport to deliver Short Cycle Press Lines efficiently. On top of this, our engineers and sales staff provide you assistance in setting up and maintaining the machine!

Message us now with your inquiry. Our sales staff will assist you as soon as possible and send you a quote regarding your preferred Short Cycle Press Line.

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