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Qiangtong compression molding press is mainly for molding PP filter plate which is used in Strassburger filter. The filter is used for separating solid and liquid used in different fields such as environment, juice, etc.

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Compression molding press

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Qiangtong Compression Molding Press

  • Applications of the compression molding press

The compression molding press machine is mainly used for producing rubber PP filter plate by moulds. This kind of plastic filter plate is used in the Strassburger filter machine to separate the liquid with solid. 


PP filer plate

  • Characteristic of compression molding press

The compression molding press for plastic filter plate has a welded frame structure, and the main machine frame is manufactured by 80-mm-thick steel plates and it is reinforced with 50-mm-thick steel plates. Additionally, the worktable of the compression molding press allows vertical movement.

On the upper and lower work tables of the compression molding press, there are T-slots that are fastened by M24 bolts, and the sizes and positions of the slots are adjustable per customers demands. The maximum distance between the two work tables is 980mm or more. The upper worktable moves downwards fast at the beginning and then slows down steadily. After the mold is closed, the pressure is increased gradually by the main oil cylinder to carry out molding operation. The fast-approaching speed and returning speed of compression molding press are over 200mm/s and 100mm/s respectively, and they are adjustable. In addition, the mold needs a positioning device. There are 4 sliding guide mechanisms for the upper worktable of compression molding press and machine frame to ensure high parallelism of the two work tables.

compression molding press working

The closing time is set at any value within 0-120 minutes, and our compression molding press is outfitted with an alarm bell. The pressure releasing and ram returning operations could be implemented manually.

The electrical system of our compression molding press is composed of electrical components and a PLC controller, and it realizes different functions, such as inching (for mold adjustment), automatic compression, automatic pressure maintaining (during this time period, the main motor stops working to save energy), automatic pressure compensating (with the help of a specialized small-power motor), emergency stop, manual or automatic ram return after pressure maintaining, etc.

The hydraulic system of the compression molding press makes use of hydraulic valves, high-pressure pumps, and hydraulic manifolds. The hydraulic valves are supplied by the Beijing Huade Hydraulic Industrial Group. On top of this compression molding press, there is an oil tank that is used to compensate hydraulic oil when the upper worktable moves downward quickly.

  • Parameters of the compression molding press

parameters of molding press

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