Door Skin Moulds

Door skin molds are necessary for producing laminated door skin in hot press machine. Each design has two pieces, one is up mould, another is down mould. They work by combining each other to make the door skin molding in different shapes by male and female.

Qiangtong door skin press machine can laminate joint door skin, veneer door skin and melamine door skin by door skin moulds.

  • Door skin mould
  • Door skin mould
  • Door skin mould

Data sheet of door moulds

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Qiangtong Door Skin Moulds

  • Applications of door skin moulds

At present, door skin moulds are mainly used for the production of the laminate door skin by multiple layers door skin hot press machine. The door skin moulds have two kinds of a surface to choose, one is glossy embossing shape, and another in stainless steel and concave and convex shape.

  • Size of door skin moulds

The size of the door skin mould is currently mainly 1150x2250x45/40 mm, but some customers have clearly stated that a thicker steel form is needed. At present, whether it is from the perspective of market demand or from the design point of the hot press, the thickness of the door skin moulds suitable for the short cycle hot press is 5.0 mm ± 0.25 mm. Users who need special specifications steel templates, we can customize for you according to your requirements.

  • Production of door skin moulds

The door skin moulds are produced in two main processes, first to make the design texture by shapes in the CNC machine, then make the surface by the chroming process. If the surface has embossing design like snow or woodgrain, it will need more steps on surface processing. The good quality comes from the standard production process and strict quality control during every step.

  • Package of door skin moulds

It is important to ensure that the door skin moulds are not damaged during packaging and shipping. The best packaging method is a wooden box, which is not easy to damage door skin moulds. It must be sealed and moisture-proof when packing; it should be tied tightly after being put into the wooden box to prevent sliding; the two steel templates in the package should be opposite to each other. The box should be laid flat and fixed, and it is strictly forbidden to accumulate heavy objects on it.

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