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Qiangtong was founded early in 2003, especially focusing on manufacturing short cycle press machines and multi-layers hot press machines.

NTC was founded in 2006, this is our partnership factory and focuses on manufacturing paper impregnation lines.

Delim was founded in 2012, it is our subsidiary company who especially for overseas marketing sales and exporting the machines that Qiangtong and NTC manufactured.

Products Showcase


Fully automatic short cycle press line for melamine paper or phenolic film laminating on wood-based panels such as MDF, HDF, Particleboard, and Plywood.

semi auto-short-cycle-press-machine

Semi-automatic short cycle press machine means the press machine only with an automatic loader and unloader. It is also for melamine lamiantion.

door skin hot press machine

The door skin hot press machine is for making the moulded melamine door skin, veneer door skin and primer painting door skin.


The heavy pressure short cycle hot press machine is for producing laminated HDF flooring. The surface materials are decor paper and ACP paper.


The multi-layers hot press machine is for laminating melamine paper or phenolic film on plywood boards. It can be also done by one layer short cycle press.

plywood cold press machine

The cold press machine is for pressing pallets of plywood to make the liquid glue strong sticking. It is the pre-press process for plywood gluing production.

paper-impregnation-line for melamine paper

The paper impregnation line is for glue coating and drying on decorative paper and kraft paper for laminated boards. It has one-step and two steps models.


The hot melt glue sealing type automatic packaging machine is mainly for LVT or SPC flooring carton box packages. The output is 10 boxes per minute.


The stainless steel press plate is for making textures on melamine laminated boards surface. Each plate is only for one design.

Projects Showcase (6)

  • Flooring press line in powder decor

    HDF laminate flooring lamination press requires heavy pressure hot press machine. We have installed over a hundred HDF laminate flooring projects in China and worldwide. We have installed flooring lines in various countries.

  • Whole-flooring-production-line

    We not only supply the hot press machine and cooling for HDF laminate flooring. But also we supply the whole production line equipment such as cutting, click profiling (double-end tenoner), click painting, wax coating, and packing.

  • qiangtong press machines in An Cuong

    We have installed over 120 press lines in Vietnam and 90% are for melamine-faced furniture boards. For the Indian market totally we installed over 150 short cycle press machines. We also installed a number of press lines in Asia, Europe, South America, etc.

  • qiangtong vertical press machine

    The vertical short cycle press lines are completely automatic lines that we installed in Pakistan and Iran. The vertical press line has a clamping loading system and an electrostatic adsorption system. The automatic paper layup system is an optional choice.

  • kraft-paper-impregnation-line-in-egypt

    The one-step impregnation line for kraft paper is for HPL Formica production. We have installed over 30 lines in the Middle East and over 30 lines in other countries. In China, we have installed over 500 lines in China during the last 15 years. Our lines are high-speed non-stop lines.

  • Impregnation-line-two-layers-stacking

    Our high-speed non-stop impregnation line has 50m/min working speed for melamine decor paper and 100m/min speed for phenolic paper. The realization of the high-speed line needs to rely on the active unwinding system and the double-layer discharging system.

Why Us?

high quality with good price
High Cost-effective
High quality with competitive price
trust worthy
Trust Worthy
A manufacturer established in 2003
best quality press machine
Satisfied Service
Professional sales and after-sales team
best quality press machine
Continuous Innovation
We keep on innovation during the last 18 years

Quick View About Qiangtong Workshop

Wuxi Qiangtong Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2003. Till now has 18 years experience in manufacturing short cycle hot press machine for laminating melamine faced board, which is widely used for making furniture panel and HDF flooring. 

Qiangtong has 14000 square meters workshop and 120 employees, yearly output capacity is max. 500 sets press machines. Qiangtong started exporting machines to foreign countries since 2008, till now has installed machines over 20 countries. Now we have about 30% output export abroad in average. 

Qiangtong catalog download
Qiangtong short cycle press ZDA02

Automatic Short Cycle Press Line Working Video

Qiangtong’s latest generation of short-cycle press adopts a frame-type assembly structure and a suspension cylinder design, which makes the whole body more resistant to pressure and deformation, so the life of the press is much longer before. The large-aperture distributed hydraulic barrel at the top, combined with the upgraded hydraulic system, servo oil pump and oil cooler, provides faster pressure supply and more stable pressure holding for the entire hydraulic system, significantly improving press output and pressing quality. The electrical system can be equipped with remote network control function, which can quickly and promptly help customers who are far away from us to detect and solve the press failure. Saving the time for customers to troubleshoot is to help customers save the loss of downtime and create higher production benefits. We always adhere to the service concept of maximizing customer benefits.

Paper Impregnation Line Working Video

Highlights of impregnation lines:

  • The paper’s upper limit is digitally controlled, and the upper limit will be dynamically displayed on the LCD screen, visible on both the front and rear screens. The traditional method only relies on human eye observation, and cannot guarantee the accuracy of the amount of glue applied.
  • The assembled dipping machine adopts the design of the thick iron plate assembly, and the overall body is heavy, which effectively guarantees the precision of dipping. The coating uniformity is ±1% of the gluing amount, which not only saves the glue but also ensures the gluing accuracy and the paper gluing quality.
  • High safety system, auto non-stop unwinding system, auto stacking system, natural gas direct burning system, rewinding system, online detecting system etc. all the high configurations are available.

Whole HDF Laminate Flooring Production Line

We provide the whole solutions for producing HDF laminate flooring. From the hot press line, and cooling line, to multi rips cutting line, click profiling line, click painting and wax coating line, end flooring packaging line, and film shrinking line. We can design the whole production according to your factory overlay. And the automation is all customized configurations that can truly build the line exactly to your requirements.

Qiangtong After-sales Team

qiangtong press delivery

Our installation and after-sales service team has more than ten years of experience and will provide you with the most timely and effective installation and after-sales experience.

The short cycle press machine requires to deliver by special containers such as an open-top or flat rack. Because the frame is over height and overweight.

qiangtong press machine
Qiangtong Short Cycle Press Line

High production capacity, outstanding quality, competitive price and satisfactory service make us stand out.

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