Melamine Press Machine

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Application of Melamine Press Machine

Qiangtong melamine press machine is for direct hot lamination of melamine paper or phenolic film on wood-based panels such as MDF, HDF, Particleboard, Chipboard, or Plywood. The laminated boards are used for making home furniture such as wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, and office furniture.Laminated-boards-for-melamine-press-machine

Different pressure will press out different depth textures from flat to embossed. The surface different designs depend on stainless steel templates which are installed inside the melamine press machine.

Qiangtong melamine press machine can also work for the phenolic film on plywood lamination. It works the same principle as melamine lamination. But it requires very good quality plywood surface finishing.

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Qiangtong Melamine Press Machine

QT 3rd melamine press machine

The 3rd melamine press machine is also called the classic old design. It has been popular from 2008 till 2018, and nowadays it is still attractive by its competitive price and stable quality.


The 4th melamine press machine is also called the new design in our quotation. It has many upgraded designs such as press frame, main cylinders, hydraulic system, etc.

QT 5rd melamine press machine

The 5th melamine press machine is the top design of Qiangtong manufacture. It has the fastest speed with the most innovative hydraulic systems and excellent performance.


Qiangtong automatic melamine press can make your production easier for your workers to manage. The auto board carrier reduces labor work strength.


The automatic trimming machine can trim the paper edges very cleanly. The auto stacker can stack the boards with high accuracy.


The pusher seperates the raw boards one by one, then goes to brusher to clean the board. The stand chain cooler is for cooling down boards naturally.

Fully-Automatic Models of Melamine Press Lines (3)

  • ZD-A melamine press machine

    ZD-A Automatic melamine press line is consist of an auto raw board carrier, belt loader, press unit, auto pad unloader, auto trimmer, and auto stacker. We can customize the line to your needs.

  • ZD-B melamine press machine

    ZD-B Automatic melamine press line is consist of a pusher, brusher, auto raw board carrier, belt loader, press unit, auto pad unloader, auto trimmer, and auto stacker.

  • ZD-C melamine press machine

    ZD-C Automatic melamine press line is consist of a pusher, brusher, auto raw board carrier, belt loader, press unit, auto pad unloader, auto trimmer, stand chain cooler, and auto stacker.

Highlights Qiangtong Melamine Press Machine

Hydraulic Valves Block
Large-diameters fast-flows valves group
Servo Hydraulic System
Servo pumping system helps save 30% energy cost
Hydraulic Cooler
Plate cooler controls hydraulic oil temperature
Electrical System
Electrical system with integrated modular design

Semi-auto Melamine Press Model D1

The Model D1 melamine press machine is consist of a belt conveyor loader, a hot press machine, and an output roller table for trimming the board manually. This model is the most basic configuration of the melamine press machine.


Semi-auto Melamine Press Model D2

The Model D2 melamine press machine is based on Model D1 and adds one vacuum pad unloader. It is consist of a belt conveyor loader, a hot press machine, a vacuum pad unloader, and an output roller table for trimming the board manually.

Qiangtong Company Quick View

Qiangtong catalog download

Wuxi Qiangtong Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2003. Till now has 18 years experience in manufacturing short cycle hot press machine for laminating melamine faced board, which is widely used for making furniture panel and HDF flooring. 

Qiangtong has 14000 square meters workshop and 120 employees, yearly output capacity is max. 500 sets press machines. Qiangtong started exporting machines to foreign countries since 2008, till now has installed machines over 20 countries. Now we have about 30% output export abroad in average. 

An innovative and rigorous technical team, a mature production team, and a well-served after-sales team are the three core competitiveness of Qiangtong. With 18 years of press manufacturing experience, Qiangtong presses not only have stable quality, perfect details, safe and simple operation, and standardized design minimizes the after-sales cost of the equipment. We do our best to help customers save running costs.

Automatic Melamine Press Line Working Videos

Other Commodities Related To Melamine Press Machine

Stainless steel press plate for melamine press machine

The stainless steel template is required to install on the melamine press machine to achieve different surface textures on laminated boards. It has various designs such as glossy, matt, suede, wood grain, stone, 3D, EIR, etc.

Cushion pad for melamine press machine

The cushion pad is installed between the hot press platen and stainless steel template. It is used for buffering the pressure and making them tightly complete touch.

Second recycling system for melamine press machine

The second recycling system is consist of two sets of temperature valves and hot oil pumps. It is used for controlling the thermal oil temperature of the melamine press machine.


The melamine press machine laminates at high temperature and pressure. The temperature comes from the hot platen which flows the thermal oil. The thermal oil is supplied by a boiler or a heater.

More Details About Melamine Press Machine

Data sheet of melamine press machine




Containers Delivery

The short cycle press delivery requires a special container to load the main press machine frame due to the over height. Usually, it is an open-top container, but when the frame is too heavy, then will require the flat rack container.

delivery of short cycle press machine

delivery of short cycle press machine

How many years experience of Qiangtong in melamine press machine?

Qiangtong was established in 2003, till now we only focus on producing and developing short cycle melamine press machine and its automatic lines. Therefore, we have now over 18 years of experience in this field.

What are the advantages of Qiangtong melamine press machine?

Due to our 18 years manufacture experience, Qiangtong melamine press machine has very stable and of good quality. Our city is also well known for industry equipment processing.  So the mechanical processes are very professional which leads to the outstanding quality of our press machine. Our company keeps on the innovation of technology, to improve our machine to be higher output and easier operation, as well as the lower maintenance. Our team is very responsive and the after-sales service is highly guaranteed.

How long time can I get the melamine press machine after ordered?

The production time depends on configuration models. If the semi-automatic melamine press machine, it needs 60~80 days. While if the fully-automatic melamine press line, it needs 90~100 days. Besides, you need to consider the shipping line usually is one month. The installation time usually is 2 weeks for semi-auto models and one month for fully automatic models. Therefore, you need to make the purchase plan by at least 4 months ahead of time.

How much money should I prepare for the investment of melamine press line?

Well, it depends on what models you want to establish. If only semi-auto models with middle pressure, the investment will be from 100,000$ to 150,000$. If fully automatic line models the total investment will be from 170,000$ to 330,000$. The calculation has included all the needed commodities.

How much space should I prepare for the melamine press production?

The min. space required is 500 square meters including raw boards storage and finished boards warehouse. It’s better to have 1000 square meters. You need to prepare at least 6 workers for starting the lamination production.

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