Laminated Flooring Whole Production Line

Qiangtong is not only manufacturing hot press machine, but the international team also provide the whole solution of laminate flooring whole production line solutions.

Till now we have successfully set up many flooring factories in the middle east, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, etc.

To build a flooring factory, we need very professional knowledge and rich experiences, from making an overlay of the whole plant, design different function areas and workflow, decide machine configurations according to your business tragedy.

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Data sheet of whole flooring line

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Qiangtong Laminated Flooring Whole Production Line

Any point is not suitable will make your whole line running not that smoothly and not most efficient.

Our service including design the whole plant, overlay all the equipment, suggest all energy resources, installation, and training all the production processes until you get the satisfied products.

Basic information of whole laminated flooring line:

The whole laminated flooring line is consist of 6 kinds of main process machines, such as laminate hot press machine with cooling line, multi-rips cutting line to divide big panel into small flooring size, double end tenoner click profiling line to make flooring joint click, then if you produce V-groove flooring needs edge painting line, then go to wax coating line for sealing the click, after that carton box package by manual or machine, then film shrink packing outside by the last step.

The cutting line and click profiling line need a dust collecting system to remove all the wood dust that is why requires the central dust collector.

Besides, the hot press machine needs a boiler to supply thermal oil.

These are all the related machines for laminate flooring complete production lines.

The delivery time of the whole line is about 4 months.

And the installation time is about 1 month.

What should customer prepare for building flooring line:

To build a basic laminated flooring line usually choose 2 hot press lines with 1 rest of line, and if press machine works 10 hours per day, which means one press machine each month gets 80,000 sqm flooring, for two press line one month can get 160,000 sqm flooring.

Because one high speed click profiling line can match with almost 4 press lines, so at the beginning set up with 2 press lines is the most common choice.

To set up this flooring line, you are required to prepare at least 1000 sqm space for putting all equipment, and another 1000 sqm for raw boards and end floorings storage.

Total means need 2000 sqm space for setting this complete flooring line.

The installed electrical power for this flooring line is about 400 kW.

The cost of whole line is from 600,000 $ ~ 800,000 $ depending on different configurations.

Here are all the issues of preparation for setting up this initial complete flooring production line.

What automatic line benefits production?

The flooring investment cost is a big range due to different configurations of automation.

Because there are so many process steps, so the automation of flooring line is a very important part.

Without automation, each step of workflow needs 4 workers for loading and unloading.

For example, loading boards to cutting line and unloading the boards.

Then load to click profiling machine again and unloading again.

It means total line you need about 20 workers.

If setup fully automatic line only requires 2 workers for overlaying paper in front of press machine.

We can make the line automation percentage according to customer different requirements, and overlay the machines according to customer different space.

The design of the whole line overlay and automation are totally custom made.

But the main machines are all standard.

The design of flooring line is very important, it matters about the workflow efficiency and saving cost.

So, the experience of a designer is the most key point for the project.

Choose us, choose professions.

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