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Short Cycle Press Line

The Short Cycle Press Line is one kind of hot hydraulic press machine with automatic loading and unloading system. It is used for direct hot laminating paper on wood-based boards such as MDF, HDF, Particleboard, Chipboard, and Plywood.

The texture on the surface of the plate is determined by the texture on the surface of the stainless steel template. The melamine-faced board is widely used for making furniture and flooring for homes and offices.


Qiangtong Short Cycle Press Line

A short cycle press line

ZD-A is the basic starting model for automatic short cycle press line, besides press units, it has additional auto board loader and auto trimmer and auto stacker.

B short cycle press line

ZD-B has the extra clean unit for raw boards based on ZD-A model, it is the most popular model for fully automatic short cycle press line. The clean unit is consist of pusher and brusher.

C short cycle press line

ZD-C is the complete fully automatic short cycle press line which adds the stand chain cooler based on Model ZD-B, the chain cooler is for cooling down the boards.


The U shape layout is suitable for the narrow workshop space. The turning overlay line saves space compared with a straight overlay line. ZD-U1 has the stand chain cooler but no clean unit.


ZD-U2 is actually the U shape overlay of model ZD-C, they have the same functional units but only different overlay designs. Customers can choose different models by workshop shape.


The model ZD-V short cycle press line is U shape overlay but the press machine feeding direction is not horizontal but vertical. The feeding system is usually by the clamp and unloading by the arm swing sucker.

Highlights Qiangtong Short Cycle Press Line

Servo Pumping System
The servo pumping system can save 30% on electrical power consumption. Besides, it can reduce the hydraulic oil temperature due to the pump not working all the time.
Large Flow Valves Block
The large flow valves block can faster the speed of hydraulic oil flow. This means will faster the pressure increase and decrease. So can shorter the machine cycle time.
Enhanced Hydraulic Cooler
The plate exchange cooler is for cooling down the hydraulic oil effectively. In the hydraulic station most problems are caused by the high temperature of hydraulic oil, so cooling it down is very important.
Intelligent Electrical System
The intelligent electrical control system makes the press work smartly according to the designed process. The user can see all the running data on the HMI screen. And can set up the parameters by needs.

Video of automatic short cycle press Model ZD-A

The automatic short cycle press line has various models. We can also provide the customized line according to the customer’s special requirements. The line layout could be I-type straight line or L type or U type. Here we show the I-type most basic model ZD-A which based on Model D2 added the auto raw board carrier (vacuum cups type) and auto trimmer and auto stacker (also vacuum cups type)

ZDA video short cycle press line
ZDB video short cycle press line

Video of automatic short cycle press Model ZD-B

The automatic short cycle press line model ZD-B is based on ZD-A added more equipment at the loading side whose purpose is cleaning the raw board. The clean unit is consist of ground roller conveyors, a roller driven lifter, a pusher to separate the board one by one, and the double rollers brusher to clean both sides of the raw board. If the line has no clean unit, the workers usually will clean the board with compressed air or a feather sweeper.

Video of automatic short cycle press Model ZD-C

The automatic short cycle press line model ZD-C is based on ZD-C added the stand chain cooler. The chain cooler is for cooling down the laminated boards naturally by air. If the environment air is hot, you may need to install extra fans nearby the press line to cool down the surrounding air. For high-quality purposes, to make sure the boards are stocked without high temperature, you may need to chain the cooler to cool down the laminated boards before stacking. The remaining heat between boards will cause the board to bend. It will affect the furniture quality in the end.

ZDC video short cycle press line

You May Interested In Semi-Auto Models Short Cycle Press

D1 for short cycle press line

The semi-automatic short cycle press line of Model D1 means only the hot press machine with a belt conveyor loader and a roller table for hand trimming the board after lamiantion. You can go to visit this page to know more about semi-automatic short cycle press machines.

D2 for shory cylce press line

The semi-automatic Model D2 compares to Model D1 has one automatic vacuum pad unloader to carry laminated board out from the press machine. It can help to protect the bottom side stainless steel template to avoid scratching because model D1 output is by two workers pushing out. The pushing may cause a scratch on the surface of the stainless steel plate.

Other Equipments Related To Short Cycle Press Line Lamination Production

Cushion pad for melamine press machine

The cushion pads are necessary accessories for working the short cycle press line. Around every 6 months will need to. change them. So we suggest buying 4 pcs during purchasing short cycle press line. This is usually available at the local market.

Stainless steel press plate

The laminated board surface texture is from the stainless steel template which is installed inside short cycle press line hot platen. Every stainless steel plate can work only for one design. So usually people will order more designs when purchasing short cycle press line.

Second recycling system for melamine press machine

Compare to the simple three-way temperature valves, this second recycling system has the advantage of keeping hot oil always flowing. So it can keep the hot platen inside channels clean and it will make sure the heating of the hot platen will be always uniform. That matters to the surface quality of lamiantes.


The heater or boiler is required to work together with the short cycle press line. Because it will supply the hot oil to the press machine. If your factory already has a boiler, then just need to connect one pipe to press machine. If not have, then need to buy one boiler to work together with the short cycle press line.


Data sheet of melamine press machine


Containers Delivery

The short cycle press delivery requires a special container to load the main press machine frame due to the over height. Usually, it is an open-top container, but when the frame is too heavy, then will require the flat rack container.

delivery of short cycle press machine

delivery of short cycle press machine

How many years experience of Qiangtong in short cycle press line?

Qiangtong was established in 2003, till now we only focus on producing and developing short cycle press machines and their automatic lines. Therefore, we have now over 18 years of experience in this field.

What are the advantages of Qiangtong short cycle press line?

Due to our 18 years manufacture experience, Qiangtong short cycle press has very stable and of good quality. Our city is also well known for industry equipment processing.  So the mechanical processes are very professional which leads to the outstanding quality of our press machine. Our company keeps on the innovation of technology, to improve our machine to be higher output and easier operation, as well as the lower maintenance. Our team is very responsive and the after-sales service is highly guaranteed.

How long time can I get the short cycle press line after ordered?

The production time depends on configuration models. If the semi-automatic short cycle press machine, it needs 60~80 days. While if the fully-automatic short cycle press line, it needs 90~100 days. Besides, you need to consider the shipping line usually is one month. The installation time usually is 2 weeks for semi-auto models and one month for fully automatic models. Therefore, you need to make the purchase plan by at least 4 months ahead of time.

How much money should I prepare for the investment of short cycle press line?

Well, it depends on what models you want to establish. If only semi-auto models with middle pressure, the investment will be from 100,000$ to 150,000$. If fully automatic line models the total investment will be from 170,000$ to 330,000$. The calculation has included all the needed commodities.

How much space should I prepare for the short cycle press line production?

The min. space required is 500 square meters including raw boards storage and finished boards warehouse. It’s better to have 1000 square meters. You need to prepare at least 6 workers for starting the lamination production.

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