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20+ Years
Established in 2003
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A Leading Manufacturer
of Short Cycle Hot Press Machine

Wuxi Qiangtong Machinery Co., Ltd. Is established in 2003, who is specialized in developing and manufacturing short cycle hot press machine which is used for laminating melamine impregnated paper on wood-based panel such as MDF/HDF, Particle board and Plywood etc. Besides, our multi daylights hot press machine can make moulded door skin by melamine surface, or veneer surface even primer door skin. We started exporting since 2005, the good quality and service made our machines well sold to over 20 countries.

Why 2000+ Clients Trust Qiangtong Press Machine

Qiangtong Team
We have nearly 100 employees and installation team has over 15 years experience.
Development Capacity
We focus on technology development continuously to stand our brand in market.
Quality & Certification
We have CE, ISO, SGS certificates and more than 30 patents.
Technical Support
Our electrical control system has wifi connecting which can make support work much efficient.
On Site Installation
All our machines we send engineers to customer site for installation and training.
Easy-to-maintain technology
Ease of maintenance thanks to block hydraulics and compact designs.

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Door skin hot press
Multi layer hot press
Short cycle hot press machine
Paper impregnation line

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FAQ’s Guide

How can I choose the correct pressure?

For particle board lamination is from 20~50 kg/cm2, for MDF embossing pressure is from 50~80 kg/cm2, for laminate flooring is from 60~110 kg/cm2

Should I choose semi-model or fully automatic model?

The fully automatic line has cleaning unit, auto board handling system, auto trimming and auto stacking pallet. You can choose according if you need these functions.

Does the press machine work alone or need other equipment?

To work press machine, you need one boiler to supply hot oil for heating. Besides the press machine itself needs different stainless steel press plates for making different designs.

Does the machine need installation at our site?

Yes, the new buyer especially needs. We will send engineers to your site for installation and training the basic production skills.

How about the after sales service? Can I get spare parts locally?

We provide 12 months quality guarantee period time, to supply the damaged parts due to itself quality reason by free. 90% of components are international standard which you can get from local market.

How can I know who is a good manufactuer of press machine?

In fact, many suppliers from internet are not real manufacturers but traders. They normally catch your attention by good price. But be careful cause internet you can get everything. To ask them provide you old customers list and visit the factory are very necessary before making decision. The press machine is working for over 10 years, so choose a good quality manufacturer is most important.

Our Global Clients

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  • sprea misr-our customer
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  • ming long-our customer
  • moc phat co. ltd. -our customer
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