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NTC is the close partner of QIANGTONG company, who is specialized in manufacturing paper impregnation line or called paper dryer. If you buy QIANGTONG melamine hot press machine for making laminated boards, you must need to use melamine paper. While the melamine paper is coming out from paper impregnation line by coating liquid glue then dry it and cut into pcs by pcs. 

NTC is one of the most famous brand of paper impregnation line in China which occupied 80% of TOP laminates producer.

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NTC High Speed and High Accuracy Paper Impregnation Line

NTC company is located in Nantong City, who has over 10 years experience in producing paper impregnation line. The new design of NTC paper coating machine is close with German machine performance which is now widely popular in Chinese high pressure laminates field.

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Why NTC Paper Impregnation Line and Paper Dryer

  • 15+ years experience in paper impregnation technologies.

  • 80% sold in top level of high pressure laminates producers.

  • 50m/min speed for decor paper and 100m/min speed for kraft paper.

  • Friendly interface operation and outstanding quality last long time. 

kraft paper impregnation line

Brief Introduction about NTC and its Paper Impregnation Line

NTC factory is established in 2005, which located in Nantong city. You may have doubt of why NTC is promoting their paper impregnation line in QIANGTONG webpage. The reason is the exporting business is under management with same team of  QIANGTONG. So the marketing work of foreign countries are handled by same team. 

NTC paper impregnation line has mainly two kinds, one step impregnating and two steps impregnating. The decorative paper normally is made by two steps, and kraft paper is by one step. The paper impregnation line is consist of paper unwinder, first step impregnator, first step oven dryers, coating machine, second step oven dryers, web aligner, paper cutter, and stacking system.

The unwinder of paper impregnation line has also two kinds, one is semi-auto, another is fully automatic. The fully automatic unwinder has active driven motors which has 2 rollers paper on the line, when one roll is going to be finished, another roller will get ready for jointing to the line by the automatic jointer. This design can help you to save much paper waste during changing paper from roller to roller. If your worker is not skilled, each time changing paper, will cause much paper waste. Meanwhile, if you change the paper manually, then you have to stop the line speed. However, the fully automatic unwinding system no need to stop the line just speed slow down because of its auto paper jointing system.

The first step impregnator of paper impregnation line is consist of two main big metering rollers, for decor paper, it’s one stainless steel roller against one rubber roller. The gap between these two rollers are the way to control the glue coating content percentage. So these two big metering rollers are one of the most important accurate parts of the paper impregnation line. The glue tank is made by two layers stainless steel which can keep warm the temperature of glue. The first impregnator has automatic leveling sensor, when the glue is under settled line, the pumping system will auto wakeup to inject more glue into tank.

The paper dryers of paper impregnation line, the key parts are the wind blower, the nozzles are fully welded, and the wind blowing channels designed by the world newly technology, which made our dryer could save 20% energy than old design and others. The insulation of dryer’s door has 3 layers, which will prevent the heat transferring into air obviously, the temperature of outdoor surface could be touched by hand and just feel a little warm. This new insulation of door can help you to save 10% more energy of heating.

The oven heating way is by hot wind, and the wind is heated by thermal oil or natural gas burning system directly. If you use thermal oil then you need setup boiler in your factory, and use the second recycling temperature control system to make sure of the temperature stability. Another direct heating way is by natural gas burning, which will install one burner on the top of ovens, and it doesn’t need you to install any boiler separately.

The web aligner of paper impregnation line is correcting the paper direction automatically to make sure the paper are running in direct line. Then the pulling machine is the power of dragging paper. The pulling machine has one big roller not only for providing pulling effort, but also cooling the paper once time more.

The cutter of paper impregnation line has two types as well, one is normal cutter for lower speed, another is rotate cutter for high speed. The cutting machine could cut the paper by synchronous marks with camera system.

The stacking system of paper impregnation line also has normal lifting system and two layers automatic system. The two layers automatic system is used for high speed non-stop line.

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