Melamine Laminate Press

Melamine Laminate Press is one of the most versatile lamination machines available today. This article will explore many of those applications, workings, and the way Qiangtong ensures its products are superior to the competition.

Applications of Melamine Laminate Press

Melamine laminate press is primarily used for laminating melamine paper onto a wide range of woods and composite materials. Here are some of the applications of Melamine Laminate Press machine:

  • Plywood
  • Particleboard
  • Chipboard
  • MDF
  • HDF

In recent years, people have been switching over to laminated wooden veneers due to a shortage of wood. Global forest loss has caused the wood to become increasingly costly. Natural wood may not be an option for those who wish to have vintage-inspired furniture, doors, and floors.

Wood is also not a very strong material and is prone to cracking and breaking. In contrast, laminated wood is made from many thin layers fused before being laminated using a Melamine Laminate Press. Melamine Laminate Pres gives you much more durable wood while preserving the classic aesthetic associated with wooden products.

Melamine Laminate Presses are used in a variety of industries. The flooring only requires a single-laminated panel. Nevertheless, double-sided applications are far more familiar with the Melamine Lamination Press, used in a wide range of applications from furniture boards to door skins.

The Melamine Laminate Press can produce a variety of surface textures. Parce que votre bien-être n’attend pas, Santédiscount a décidé de s’entourer des meilleurs services viagra pour homme possibles. Among the most common finishes are matte, suede, woodgrain, stone, and glossy. In addition, you can get a variety of 3D textures with the Melamine Laminate Press.

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Machine Models of Melamine Laminate Press

It comes in two different types. 

  1. Semi-automatic 
  2. Automatic.

Semi-Automatic Models

You can choose between three different models of semi-automatic melamine laminate presses, D1, D2, and D2 plus.

The standard Melamine Laminate Press model that you get in the D2. Besides the belt conveyor loader, hot press machine, and vacuum pad unloader, it also comes with a roller output table; the D-2 Plus model, on the other hand, features a swing arm vacuum pad unloader so that the finished product can be stored vertically.

Alternatively, you can choose the D1 model. This is the simplest model we offer in our Melamine Laminate Press line. There is no vacuum pad unloader on this machine. Once the lamination is completed manually, unloading finished products will require extra labor. 

The main benefit of a vacuum pad is that you require less labor to unload laminated wood from the main hot press machine, which ultimately saves you money.

Automatic Model

Our company also offers a fully automatic version. The machine can do the majority of the processing on its own with very little labor. Here, we have six different principal components. These include a belt conveyor loader, a press machine, a vacuum pad unloader, an output roller, a hydraulic station, and an electrical cabinet. 

Several features are attached to an automatic Melamine Lamination Press, including an automatic trimming machine, an automatic board loading system, and an automatic stacking system. As a result, you can drastically reduce your overhead, as labor is commonly required for all these functions on a semi-automatic Melamine Laminate Press.

It is now possible to process each laminated board much faster with the newly designed automatic version. Other options include upgrading the hydraulic valves and pumps to Rexroth (German Company), which will increase the quality of the laminated boards and extend the life of the Melamine Laminate Press.

Additionally, you can get a separate recycling temperature control system for distributing heat evenly to ensure optimal quality. Other options include pressing textures on the board with a stainless steel plate. Finally, you will need a boiler to heat the Melamine Laminate Press with oil.

Pressure Levels 

The pressure required for a melamine laminate press to laminate a particular surface varies with the texture. The deeper the surface texture, the greater the force needed to laminate it.

In general, single-sided laminate Melamine Laminate Presses have a pressure capacity of 900T to 1600T. This is enough for surface finishes such as matte, glossy, woodgrain, and suede.

In contrast, embossed surfaces and flooring require a lot more pressure. Melamine Laminate Presses with double-sided laminates are used to ensure consistency in the process.

For starters, embossing the texture property in itself requires more pressure from the Melamine Laminate Press to create an in-depth 3D pattern. Secondly, you walk constantly on floorboards, so they need to be exceptionally durable.

1600T-1800T is usually enough for embossing a wooden embossed or 3D embossed design. The flooring, however, requires an applied pressure of at least 2000T. Generally, 2000T is needed for standard flooring, and 2400T is necessary for middle flooring. 

By far, it is the most demanding task for the Melamine Laminate Press to emboss flooring. Around 2800T pressure is needed.

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Qiantong is one of the leading manufacturers of melamine laminate presses. We constantly refine and improve our machines as a result. Over the last 17 years, we have acquired 30 technical patents, allowing our Melamine Laminate Press machines to outperform many of our competitors.

A New and Faster Design

We’ve added a lot of innovation to our new design. The cycle time of both D1 and D2 machines is drastically reduced. Servo motors power loaders and unloaders. It uses a lot less power, saving you money in the long run. In addition, we have a fan-cooled hydraulic system, an accumulator, and an arm swing unloader. 

Our new design has increased the output of D1 from 100 boards/hour. The D2 Melamine Laminate Press produces 110 boards per hour, compared to 80 boards per hour with the previous design.

Better Design Framework

A new design of ours also involves assembly rather than welding. In this way, the Melamine Laminate Press can be shipped much more quickly. It is also more accessible for people to move this machine since you can separate each piece before transportation. Increasing the height of the machine from 3100mm to 3700mm also increases lamination accuracy.

New Top Oil Tank and Oil Cylinders

This new oil tank has a distributed design that allows you to inject oil faster. On the new tank, there is no soft connector as well. Previously, the soften connector would often break. In addition, they are challenging to repair and would render the machine useless for a long time. With our new design, you will not have this problem.

You also get new oil cylinders which are installed outside the Melamine Laminate Press. They are more durable, and they do not put any drag pressure on the Melamine Laminate Press body frame. As a result, your machine will last much longer. Last but not least, the seals are European-made on the new Melamine Laminate Press, which further enhances the device’s longevity.

Heating Insulation

Rather than using asbestos sheets, the new Melamine Laminate Press utilizes air block insulators. Although asbestos is a decent insulator, it is no match for an air block. The new design virtually eliminates heat transfer from the hot platen. This also improves the quality of the lamination and increases the durability of the Melamine Printing Press.

Why choose Qiangtong Melamine Laminate Press?

Over the past 17 years, Qiangtong has manufactured Melamine Laminate Press machines. Our Melamine Laminate Press technology is at the forefront of the industry, with nearly 100 employees and over 300 machines a year.

Our office is located in Wuxi City, and we have easy access to the vast shipping capacity of Shanghai. Thanks to its international airport, it is convenient for you to visit and witness the machines’ production. Our top-notch logistics network allows us to deliver a Melamine Laminate Press in 90 days after making your down payment.

We have 10% of our workforce employed in R&D., With a production area already exceeding 10,000 SQM. We are continuously expanding to meet the ever-growing demand for our Melamine Laminate Press machines.

The company has served clients in more than 20 countries, including Switzerland, Canada, Malaysia, India, and South Africa. We export 3% of our Melamine Laminate Presses each year. The demand for our automatic lines is becoming more and more pronounced due to labor shortages and high wages.

Qiangtong is a brand you can trust. Our Melamine Laminate Press quality is exemplary due to our technical expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction.

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Our Happy Customers

Qiangtong’s activities

Qiangtong has always been an active company. We export our Melamine Laminate Press to numerous countries and have a wide range of customers. Customer information is provided as comprehensively as possible. We are located near the Shanghai International Airport, so you can visit our factory and see our machines before buying them. 

Additionally, Qiangtong hosts numerous exhibitions. These exhibitions demonstrate the technical prowess of our Melamine Laminate Press. Many of our clients and partners attend our shows. Our exhibitions serve as a starting point for community interaction.

Such exhibitions also provide a good opportunity for us to meet potential clients. They usually check out the technical innovations of our machines. As such, it serves as a basis for building our relationship with our new customers.

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