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Qiangtong as a professional manufacturer of melamine press machines was established early in 2003. Until now we have exported to over 20 countries over the last 17 years.

The melamine press machine is used for direct laminating melamine papers on MDF, Particle Board, and Chipboard etc. The laminated board has various designs such as mirror, matt, suede, snow, wood, stone etc. which is widely used in furniture and flooring field.

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Melamine Press Machine

Melamine Press Machine has a lot of uses in various industries. We will be taking a look at some of the advantages that you get when you buy a Melamine Press Machine from Qiangtong. We will focus on the applications, as well as some of the particular features of our Melamine Press Machine that make it stand out.

Applications of Melamine Press Machine

In recent times, more and more people are shunning naturally grown wood and focusing instead on laminated wood for furniture, flooring, doors, and for many other things.

Usually, a Melamine Press Machine is used to laminate HDF, Particle Board, Plywood, and MDF with either melamine paper, phenolic film, or veneer.

The board is usually made by pressing numerous thin slices of wood and other materials. As such, it is much more durable than solid wood. This means that a laminated board made with a Melamine Press Machine will last much longer than solid wood. Not only that, but it will also be much cheaper.

As such, the applications for Melamine Press Machine include flooring, wooden veneers, furniture, and other wooden tools. Simply put, Melamine Press Machine is used to laminate a board which will substitute wood in almost all of its uses.

When used in furniture and flooring, the laminated board is often embossed with a pattern using the Melamine Press Machine. The pattern can be anything ranging from suede, mirror, woodgrain, and matte.

Usually, applications of the Melamine Press Machine require a double sided-lamination. We will further explore the differences between a single-sided and a double-sided lamination press and see why a double-sided lamination is better.

Due to the main consumer is younger, the house-decoration industry emphasizes individuation and quality than ever before. Among the industry, furniture boards and flooring are turning from solid wood to melamine laminated boards.

application of short cycle press machine

Melamine laminated boards are made by melamine paper laminated on the wood-based panels such as MDF, Particleboard, etc. The surface texture design is coming from the stainless steel press plate which is installed in the melamine press machine. It could have many kinds of touching surfaces such as wood grain, embossing, and some 3D designs which are mostly copied natural feeling.

Performance of Qiangtong Melamine Press Machine

When you get Qiangtong’s Melamine Press Machine, you get some of the best quality out there.

Our machines have a new design which is much faster, efficient, and safer than before. The best thing about our machine is that you only need a single person to operate it. This can lead to a lot of savings as less labor is required for the Melamine Press Machine to work.

Our faster design allows you to manufacture up to 122 boards every hour. The automatic Melamine Press Machine also has many additional features.

The first one is an automatic trimming machine, which reduces the labor required to make the boards ready for production. This is aided by an automatic loading and unloading system. Not only will the machine unload the laminated boards itself, but the Melamine Press Machine also comes with a swing-out arm that will stack the boards together.

To add to this, you also get an automatic cleaning system. The Melamine Press Machine automatically cleans itself and makes sure that the quality of every single board is kept consistent.

Parameters of Melamine Press

Below is a table to show all the main popular models of melamine press machine with the general parameters. You could have a look at them for reference by yourself, or you could contact us for more professional guidance.

Data-sheet of short cycle press machine

Double-Sided Melamine Press Machine

The main product you can purchase from us is our double-sided Melamine Press Machine. The most common material that is used for lamination is Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF).

The main advantage of a double-sided Melamine Press Machine is the fact that it can be used to produce an embossed board that is equally perfect for furniture as well as flooring. A double-sided board is better in a lot of ways than a single-sided one, here are a few of them:

  • Longer life due to sturdier build.
  • Faster production due to higher production efficiency.
  • Labor savings (especially if you use the Automatic Melamine Press MachineLine).

Recently, we redesigned our double-sided Melamine Press Machine and added a host of new features. Some of these new features are:

  • A loader and unloader that work simultaneously, improving product output through the use of a clip-in feeding and swing out-feeding device.
  • A simplified structure that prioritizes automation. A single person can be used to operate the new Melamine Press Machine.
  • Shorter auxiliary time due to a decrease in the speed that the Melamine Press Machineaccumulates pressure.
  • Better thermal insulation.
  • Faster and more stable hydraulic system.

All of these features lead to our double-sided Melamine Press Machine having an output of 120 boards an hour. All of our products meet the production requirements of high-end furniture and flooring.

Standard thickness boards cannot be worked on by a single-sided Melamine Press Machine. A single-sided Short  Cycle Lamination Press can only be used for boards that have a thickness of less than 5mm. Anything higher requires a double-sided Melamine Press Machine. Conversely, a double-sided press cannot work on a thin board due to the conveyor belt.

In most applications such as furniture, flooring, and veneers, the thickness of the board is more than 5mm. As such, a double-sided Melamine Press Machine is most applied.

  • Main machine frame

frame of short cycle press

Hot Platen Heating

The hot platen is usually made of a whole pressed steel plate and it is used in the Melamine Press Machine to imprint a pattern onto the board. Usually, steam or thermal oil is used to heat the plate.

A thick hot platen is usually the best idea as it does not let oil leak due to low-quality seals. It is also extremely durable and easily capable of surviving the harsh conditions of the press. However, do remember that a thicker platen will require more steel, and thus be expensive to manufacture.

Make sure that the flatness of the upper and lower plate is parallel. The flatness tolerance should not be more than 0.18mm and not less than 0.1mm. The parallelism tolerance should be somewhere between 0.15-0.27mm.

The temperature difference should never be more than 3-degrees across the surface of the plate, and the maximum roughness allowed is 3.2 μm.

  • Structure analysis and hot platens


Lastly, quality sealing is quintessential for high-quality output. The ideal material for a seal is PTFE or graphite. Not having adequate sealing will lead to leakages as well as sub-par heat transfer. This will significantly decrease the quality of the Melamine Press Machine.

Always remember check if there is enough thermal oil to adequately make the Melamine Press Machine function. Not having enough oil will damage the sealing and the bearings of the Melamine Press Machine. When shutting down the press, turn off the heat first and turn off the pump once the oil temperature is less than 50-degrees.

  • Main hydraulic oil cylinders

new design short cycle press cylinder

Hydraulic System of Melamine Press Machine

The hydraulic system is required to apply pressure to the board and to maneuver the hot press plate in the Melamine Press Machine. Our hydraulic system is build to provide a consistent amount of pressure and rapidly close the plate.

The closing speed increases the quality of the lamination and prevents the board from being exposed to excessive heat. An improper hydraulic system will cause warpage and may not allow the glue to be properly pre-cured, decreasing the quality of the lamination.

Hydraulic systems generally utilize plunger cylinders. These are built from alloys in order to be durable. Since hydraulics are the most delicate part of the Melamine Press Machine, you must appropriately maintain them. Hydraulic systems must be sturdy, scratch-resistant, and be able to sustain the damage that comes from being repeatedly closed.

You should always opt for multi-cylinder hydraulics as they are able to distribute the pressure in a uniform manner onto the plate. For cylinders that will withstand high pressure, you should go for cast or forged cylinders. Otherwise, thick-walled steel pipes get the job done.

  • Hydraulic station

Maintenance of The Hydraulic System

The cooling system has an oil circuit system, a control system, and a refrigeration system. The oil pump makes the oil circulate through the plate exchanger and the controller checks the temperature. The refrigeration automatically starts to work as soon as the oil temperature is above the standard range.

If the oil starts to leak, replace the sealing rings in the cylinder. A brand new Melamine Press Machine will leak a small amount of oil due to the oil being left in the cylinder while testing.

Usually, only one of the cylinders will leak at one time. Multiple cylinders leaking at the same time will mean that the seal has not been changed properly.

Heating System of The Melamine Press Machine

Thermal oil is used to heat the Melamine Press Machine. You get a consistent distribution of heat, low heat loss, etc. While the speed at which the heat spreads is slow, the production costs are minuscule.

Thermal oil has a calorific value that is much higher than that of steam or electrical heating. This makes electric and steam heating methods insufficient for melamine paper. In order to produce a lamination of higher quality, you must utilize thermal oil.

Raw Materials Required for Melamine Press Machine

There are a total of two different raw materials that you will need in order to use the Melamine Press Machine. They are the baseboard and the impregnated paper.

Base Board

The baseboard is what you will use the paper on. It is extremely important for the board to have proper adhesion. Not only should the mechanical properties of the board meet the national standard of production, but the moisture content has to be uniform.

There is a different amount of moisture required for different types of wood. Particle and fiberboard should have a moisture content between 6-10%. Plywood, on the other hand, should not have a moisture content greater than 12%.

Having an excess amount of moisture will affect the adhesion of the paper and lead to bubbling. Bubbling will require the board to be replaced much sooner than its actual life and make the surface look unevenly glossed.

On top of that, the flatness and the thickness tolerance of the board will affect the way it handles pressure from the Melamine Press Machine. You should have each individual board checked for quality before you begin lamination.

You should ideally sand the board using a broadband sander and apply a finish onto the surface twice. This is important in order to achieve the standard thickness required for lamination.

raw board of melamine press machine

Impregnated Base Paper

The base paper is impregnated with synthetic resins. The type of synthetic resin will depend on the board itself. The paper will directly impact the decorative characteristics of the board so you should select it with care.

Using a beautiful print for the impregnated paper is necessary in order for optimum output from your Melamine Press Machine. Also, you should use ink that has thermal stability and will last for a number of years. You should always avoid ink that will change its color and quality after some time as these boards are meant to last many years.

When you are using the Melamine Press Machine, the pre-curing degree of the paper against the floor should be around 50%. The balancing paper should similarly be pre-cured at around 35-55%, and wear-resistant paper should be cured between 45-55%. Lastly, it is important to control the volatile content to not be more than 8%.

Melamine impregnated paper

FAQ’s Guide

  • How to Decide Pressure of Melamine Press Machine?

The fashion of melamine laminated boards also drives the popularization of melamine press machine. If you want to buy a melamine press machine, then this article will give you some guidance.

In addition, the suitable pressure is a very key factor for laminating boards, so it’s really important to choose suitable pressure when you purchase a melamine press machine. Let’s take 4×8 feet (1220 x 2440mm) sized board as an example, if you only want to make gloss and matt surface, then 900tons is enough; if you want to make suede and light wood grain surface too, then 1200tons will be a good choice; if you want to make deep wood grain or embossed surface, we suggest to use 1800tons pressure; if you want to make laminate flooring, then the pressure must be bigger.

Below is a picture to show you what pressure level is matching with what kind of embossing design, this is all based on 1220x2440mm board size. For example, if you choose 2000, which means you need the melamine press machine by 2000 tons of pressure. Then we will make the quotation on 20000KN to you accordingly.

Melamine press machine choose

Generally speaking, when we choose a melamine press machine, we can judge and make choice according to the function, reliability, service and price of the machine. Beside the pressure, size of hot platen, size of oil cylinder and etc main specifications of melamine press machine, we should also pay attention to the time of press open & close, time of pressure up, temperature and output. We have to determine as per different technology and requirements. 

  • How many kinds of models does Melamine Press machine have?

The melamine press machine has basically two kinds, one is semi-automatic another is fully automatic.

The semi-automatic models have two main kinds, one is Model D1, another is Model D2 as below picture shows:

Semi model of short cycle press machine

The fully automatic models have three typical kinds, ZD-A, ZD-B, and ZD-C, plz refer below layouts:

  • What is the whole production line? Just a press machine is enough?

Actually, to make melamine lamination, only a melamine press machine is not enough, it also requires a boiler to supply the thermal oil which is heating supply. Meanwhile, you need to prepare all the necessary accessories to work together with melamine press machine. Please refer below picture which is showing you clearly the whole map of production.

short cycle press machine whole line

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