Short Cycle Lamination Hot Press Machine for Melamine Boards

Qiangtong short cycle lamination press is applied for laminating melamine paper or phenolic film on different kinds of wood-based boards such as Particleboard, Chipboard, MDF, or Plywood. These laminate boards are widely used in furniture and flooring field.

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Short Cycle Melamine Lamination Press Machine

Qiangtong Short Cycle Lamination Hot Press is widely used in wood processing, machinery, building materials and decorating materials. The Machine is exactly for laminating the particle board, veneer board, MDF, HDF, and some other fiberboards. The laminated materials are melamine paper, finish foil, decorative fabric, PVC film, and natural veneer etc. Our machine is mainly used for producing furniture boards, flooring, door skin etc.

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Qiangtong has two basic series for the hot press lines: semi-automatic and fully automatic. On the basis of ensuring quality of Short Cycle Lamination Hot Press, you can choose a semi-automatic or fully automatic production line according to your budget, the size of your plant, etc.


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Qiangtong semi-auto Short Cycle Lamination Hot Press usually includes loader, main press machine, unloader, hydraulic station, and electric cabinet. It doesn’t need to push in or pulling out the board manually. There are three types of the main press machine, classical design, new design, new design fast model. Classical design is an economic model and cost-saving. The new design is easy for delivery and maintenance, stably running, high performance-price ratio, it is the most promoted model, and most old customers (both domestic and overseas market) come back for it.

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Qiangtong fully auto Short Cycle Lamination Hot Press takes PLC intelligent control as the core and adopts the assembly line operation, it usually includes pusher, brusher, loader, main press machine, unloader, trimmer, cooling, stacking etc. The whole production line could be tailored design flexibly for the clients according to the demands on the products. It can save labor costs and improve production efficiency. And the quality of the finished board is higher, which better meets the needs of the high-end market.

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