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Qiangtong is founded early in 2003, which yearly produce more than 300 sets short cycle hot press machine and 30% of them are exported abroad to over 20 countries.

Short cycle hot press machine is used for direct laminating melamine papers or phenolic film on MDF, HDF, Particle Board, and Plywood. The laminated board has various surface designs such as mirror, matt, suede, snow, wood, stone etc.

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Qiangtong Short Cycle Hot Press Machine

Qiangtong has founded in 2003 until now has over 17 years of experience in manufacturing short cycle hot press machines. We have exported to nearly 20 countries, now days yearly capacity is 300 sets short-cycle press machine with 30% of them are exported to worldwide.

  • Application of short cycle hot press machine

The short cycle hot press machine is used for melamine direct lamination, the working principle is hot pressing on melamine paper via chrome texture stainless steel press plate to make different kinds of embossing surface on board. The melamine paper is made by the paper impregnation line. The surface materials are normally melamine paper, sometimes phenolic film. The core board is normally MDF, Particleboard and sometimes Plywood. These kinds of laminated panels are widely used in making furniture, cupboard, wardrobe, and desk, etc. The laminated board surface is scratch against and waterproof, it is easy to clean and won’t get moldy in a moisture environment.

melamine lamination technology


melamine laminates

application of short cycle press machine

  • Short cycle hot press machine models

The short cycle hot press machine has semi-model and fully automatic model short-cycle press line, this page we only introduce semi-model. There are two main types of semi-model, one is Model D1, another is Model D2 as below picture shows:

qiangtong short cycle press machine


The difference is unloading the board, D1 is manual while D2 is automatically. The advantage of D2 is taking laminated board from short cycle hot press machine by auto unloader. The unloader is taking board by vacuum pads, so it can protect the bottom stainless steel plate well, and it is much safer for operators.

semi automatic short cycle press machine

How to Choose Press Machine Pressure?

The different pressure of short cycle hot press machine is depending on different board texture of lamination. The surface texture of the laminated board is made by the texture stainless steel transferring from hot press machine by high pressure and high temperature. How to choose the suitable pressure? The below table could help you.

short cycle press machine pressure choose

What Else Do I Need For Production?

If you want to make the melamine board production, only buying our short cycle hot press machine is not enough. You need other equipment and accessories as well. You need a boiler to supply the hot oil to the short cycle hot press machine because the press machine is heated by thermal oil. You need to buy some quantity of stainless steel press plates to make different textured surfaces on boards. You need to buy hydraulic oil to fill into the hydraulic station of the short cycle hot press machine because the pressure is supplied from the hydraulic system of the press machine which is like a heart for a person. The below schematic is showing you the whole map of short cycle hot press machine production.

short cycle press machine whole production line

Advantages of Qiangtong Short Cycle Hot Press Machine

  • Mechanical parts

Frame design: Qiangtong short cycle hot press machine frame is the most reasonable structure which is designed through rigorous mechanical analysis, buy finite element analysis can be drawn the maximum stress exists in the track open file’s corner of rack plate.

qiangtong short cycle press machine frame structure

  • Hot platens

The hot platen workbench of our short cycle hot press machine is processed strictly by the high accuracy grinding machine, which process through the drilling, milling, planing, grinding, the product smoothness is extremely high, the error is less than 0.1mm / m2, closure error is less than 0.15mm / m2, pressure error is less than 0.1 Mm / m2. Hot platen made with the entire thick steel plate, the middle heating channel distribution is reasonable, to ensure the surface temperature uniformity. Hot platen surface under grinding with high-quality and good flatness. Hot platen with double sides heating to meet the faster veneer lamination.

  • Frame manufacture processing

Frame plate of short cycle hot press machine is processed by the entire block of high-quality carbon steel, and carry a detailed analysis of the force calculation to guarantee sufficient rigidity and safety. Fuselage constituted with frame type structure, the upper and lower frame connected by gas-shielded welding, after distressing and several times planning, welding with the vertical plate together into a whole rack. The mainframe of the four faces and arcs have been large gantry milling, the upper and lower plane parallelism accuracy can reach 0.15mm or less. 

  • Hydraulic main oil cylinders

The new design hydraulic cylinder of short cycle hot press machine is changed obviously from the classic design. It is the operative part of entire hydraulic system, due to special nature of work, the cylinder design requires very sophisticated processing to ensure its reliable leak proneness under long term of high-temperature and high-frequency. The main cylinder is constituted of 12 plunger cylinder, the material is forging parts, the plunger is solid condensed cast iron, the surface hardness is high and wearable, the surface hardness is HRC55 or more.

cylinders of short cycle press machine - qiangtong

  • Cylinder seals

Seal system using Stuart seal, O-ring, dust ring, Y-ring and other modular seal to ensure that frequent reciprocating stability and long-lasting seal in the high-temperature and high pressure working environment. We used Wuxi Puhua, the industry’s first development of the fuel tank veneer, it is very mature and stable, very low failure rate.

  • Servo motor in hydraulic station

The pump is the power of short cycle hot press machine entire hydraulic system, using the best brand, Shanghai high-pressure pump factory which is well performance and stable. For the use of hydraulic piston pump, we pay great attention to protect it, such as we use copper gasket to replace the traditional combination pad with better sealing effect to prevent the phenomenon of air leakage no oil leakage, which resulting the noise and damage. In order to prevent the hydraulic oil and other impurities into the entire power system, we have placed strong magnet in the oil pump suction port, Making scrap iron flow with the hydraulic oil can be adsorbed on the powerful magnet to avoid entering the hydraulic pump, valve block, and the fuel tank, which can effectively avoid high-pressure piston pump broken, hydraulic valve block jammed and cylinder seal scratched and other major problems caused by impurity, as much as possible to reduce the failure rate of the entire hydraulic system. The high-level machine uses the servo system for the hydraulic controlling, it can save energy and electrical power.

hydraulic system of short cycle press machine - qiangtong

Qiangtong Introduction Gallery

  • Our Factory & Team

Qiangtong has over 17 years of experience producing Short Cycle Hot Press Machines. Having been around for this long, we strive constantly to improve our products and ensure that you get the most innovative Short Cycle Hot Press Machine possible.

If you are looking for an affordable yet hassle-free way to purchase and import the Short Cycle Hot Press Machines, Qiangtong is here to help you. Not only do we have over 10 years of experience in serving international clients with Short Cycle Hot Press Machines, but our hard-working and industrious logistics department ensures that you receive what you want when you want it!

Read on to find out why Qiangtong should be your first choice when it comes to purchasing a Short Cycle Hot Press Machine, and how it will provide you an edge over your competitors.

qiangtong factory

Around 10% of our total workforce are engineers constantly engaged in researching and developing our product. Short Cycle Hot Press Machines have seen a lot of technological advancements in recent years, and Qiangtong has been at the forefront of this. Over 30 technical patents are used to develop our Short Cycle Hot Press Machine, so you get a product that is not only better than your competitors but also unique!

qiangtong press team

  • Our Manufacturing Workshop

Qiangtong is capable of producing 300 Short Cycle Hot Press Machines a year, and 30% of them are for the foreign market. The factory is located in Wuxi City which is right beside Shanghai. With its international airport and gigantic cargo shipping facility, you can be assured that your Short Cycle Hot Press Machine will arrive as fast as possible.

qiangtong workshop

qiangtong workshop

  • Loading & Delivery of Short Cycle Hot Press Machine

delivery of short cycle press machine

delivery of short cycle press machine

  • Exhibitions & Customers

qiangtong customers

qiangtong customers

  • Partly Clients Logos for Reference

qiangtong customers

Why Choose Qiangtong?

When you purchase our Short Cycle Hot Press Machine, you pay for the top of the line quality. There are numerous ways through which our machine is better. Here are some of them:

New Modernistic Design

Our Short Cycle Hot Press Machine has a new design that improves many functions and working performance compare to  typical design machine. Rather than being welded, it is instead assembled for easier transportation. This also makes it easier for you to move the Short Cycle Hot Press Machine from one place to another. More importantly, it ensures better printing accuracy.

Here are some additional quality enhancing features that you get with our new design:

  • A top oil tank of a ‘distributed design’. This allows you to inject oil much faster and shorten the working time per cycle. There is no soften connector (which can break easily) so our Short Cycle Hot Press Machineis much easier to maintain as well!
  • The new oil cylinders utilize seals material imported from Europe. On top of that, they are installed to prevent drag pressure to the Short Cycle Hot Press Machinebody frame. This means that you get a longer-lasting machine.
  • The new design has better insulation between the cylinders and the hot platens. The air block insulators make sure that the heat transfer from the platen is minimal and almost negligible. Previously, the asbestos sheet was touching the platen so the insulation wasn’t as effective.

Proprietary Hydraulic System

This is perhaps the main reason you should purchase your Short Cycle Hot Press Machine. Our improved hydraulic system ensures that the time to pressurize the system after a press is shorter, the speed is faster, and the quality of the output is better.

This is done through a revamped valve block, a larger diameter for the internal components (e.g. pipelines), and a high-pressure accumulator. The hydraulics of our Short Cycle Hot Press Machine are designed with two things in mind:

  • To help you produce laminated papers which are of unmatchable quality.
  • To make the production process as easy for you as possible.

Asynchronous Servo Motor Powering System

Servos have revolutionized machinery in a number of industries, and we use them to help you cut costs. An asynchronous servo motor ensures that you save money. Using our Short Cycle Hot Press Machine, you can save up to 40% of the money that you would spend on power.

On top of that, the servo ensures that your motor and pump do not move when pressurized. As such, our Short Cycle Hot Press Machine’s hydraulic system lasts around 50% longer than a standard machine.

The servo motor is used in the hydraulic station. We use a copper gasket to prevent air and oil leakage and protect the machine. A powerful magnet is used to absorb the iron flow and make sure the piston pump stays intact. This will also save you energy and power when using our Short Cycle Hot Press Machine.

Secondary Circulation System

Our secondary circulation system uses a thermal oil pump along with a pneumatic valve to control the temperature accurately to the degree. This is done through an imported temperature controller and an electric three-way valve.

What this means is that the temperature between the upper and the lower hot pressing plates is much more consistent than in other Short Cycle Hot Press Machines. This leads to the quality of the Short Cycle Hot Press Machine’s output being vastly better than other machines.

Electrical Control Cabinet

The electrical cabinet houses the power control components and is used to toggle the motor, switches, and leakage protection. It also has alarms and monitoring indicators in order for you immediately determine if the machine is in need of alteration or an emergency stop. You also get a PLC programmable logic controller.

You not only get complete control over the Short Cycle Hot Press Machine, but you also get top of the line protective seals which make the cabinet dustproof and ensure its longevity.


With automatic dust removal, our Short Cycle Hot Press Machine is much safer than many of our competitors. Apart from that, the outward board goes through a suction cup which ensures that the surface plate, as well as your workers, are not harmed in the processes.

The same process also ensures that the finished board does not have any scratches. With automatic belt conveyor loader and a suction cup transplanter for taking out board from Short Cycle Hot Press Machine, it is very useful for protecting worker’s safety because hot press machine has high to 200 degree temperature and high pressure as well.

In addition, we use modular seals to ensure the system lasts as long as possible, even in a high-pressure environment. Wuxi Puhua, the first fuel tank veneer, is used to amplify the life of the Short Cycle Hot Press Machine!

Installation and After Sales Service

Qiangtong has nearly 100 employees currently working full-time. A decent part of our workforce is currently employed in the Research and Development department. However, we have a dedicated team of engineers that help with the installation as well as the maintenance of our Short Cycle Hot Press Machines.

Apart from this, our dedicated sales team has been serving our clients buying Short Cycle Hot Press Machines for over a decade. Not only will they help you purchase a qualified machine, but they will also provide you with after-sales support.

If you are looking to purchase an ideal Short Cycle Hot Press Machine, message us now with your inquiry. You will get an instant quote and we will contact you to further the proceedings. After that, our trained and dedicated sales staff will assist you to the best of their ability!

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More Introduction of Short Cycle Hot Press Machine

These products are suitable for furniture board, flooring, door skin, and molded laminated products.

The short cycle press machine is one of the most hot-sale machines of Qiangtong.

The main function of Qiangtong short cycle hot press machine is to provide heat and pressure to the laminated product.

The glue is heated under medium heat and then uniformly transmitted to the surface of decor paper by the cushion pad and stainless-steel chrome plate.

So that the melamine glue on the surface of décor paper will melt and become solid with certain texture by the stainless-steel chrome plate that is how the surface design comes out.

The double-sided short cycle hot press machine is the mainstream product of our company.

The short cycle hot press machine is mainly used for veneer impregnated paper veneer of medium-density fiberboard and particleboard.

It can suppress deep relief (synchronized flower) furniture board above 1600T.

Qiangtong short cycle hot press machine is widely used in furniture panels, flooring, cabinet panels, door panels, and other pressing applications.

It has the advantages of fast pressing speed, high efficiency, and labor-saving.

The standard double-faced short cycle hot press machine has an automatic feed trolley for easy manual operation.

Our company has been in the process of improvement and research for more than ten years.

We’re upgrading the new type of press developed based on the old press. It has the characteristics of long life, easier operation, easier maintenance, and more energy saving.

Recently, we have improved some parts of the Qiangtong short cycle hot press machine to increase output.

On the other hand, the main cylinder has been transformed.

The old design cylinders are installed inside the short cycle hot press machine while the new design cylinders are installed outside the short cycle hot press machine.

This means the cylinders won’t have drag pressure to the machine body frame so that the machine could have a longer service life.

The old design heat prevents of the short cycle hot press machine is made by the asbestos sheet, while the new design is made by a big air block that has a much better function in preventing heat transfer from the hot platen to cylinders.

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