Vertical Melamine Lamination Press Machine

Qiangtong melamine lamination press machine is for melamine laminates works by supplying heat and pressure that passes through heated platens then come to the surface of melamine paper.

This makes the glue melt and becomes solid with certain texture by the stainless steel plate that leads to a designed surface on the laminates’ surface.

It takes PLC intelligent control as the core and adopts the assembly line operation, which can save labor costs and improve production efficiency.

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The melamine lamination press machine is used for producing melamine paper faced boards such as MDF, Particleboard or Plywood, etc.

Vertical Feeding Fully Automatic Line

The melamine lamination press machine has horizontal feeding direction and vertical feeding direction. Mostly the market requires for horizontal feeding press machine. But in some cases, people require for horizontal feeding press machine. QIANGTONG also provide vertical feeding melamine lamination press machine. The fully automatic line layout is as under:

If you want to know about the horizontal feeding press machine, you could click the following images to jump to that page to learn the details of the horizontal melamine lamination press machine.

  • Semi-automatic melamine lamination press machine

  • Fully-automatic melamine lamination press machine


Melamine Lamination Press Machine

Qiangtong melamine lamination press machine is mainly used for laminating decorative paper which is impregnated by paper impregnation line on MDF board to make attractive furniture board by different texture stainless steel chrome plate.

Qiangtong Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the most famous manufacturers in woodworking machinery in China.

Using melamine lamination press machine to laminate MDF is the most common method to produce furniture board, flooring, cabinet, door skin, and so on.

Medium Density Fiberboard, abbreviated as MDF, is often decorated with a surface such as melamine or veneer.

Qiangtong melamine lamination press machine uses MDF to make furniture board, it has many advantages such as excellent physical properties, uniform material, no dehydration problem, and no moisture deformation.

The surface melamine paper has moisture control, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and high-temperature resistance.

The density of MDF is lower than HDF boards but is higher than low-density boards.

The common specifications of the board are 2440mmx1220mm, the thickness is 3mm, 5mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 25mm, and so on. Other sizes and thicknesses of MDF can also be customized.

All these specifications can be pressed by Qiangtong melamine lamination press machine.

Qiangtong melamine lamination press machine has many requirements of MDF board.

The adhesion performance of the substrate must be outstanding.

The mechanical properties of melamine lamination press machine should meet the national standard, and the moisture content should be uniform.

The moisture content of the plywood should be controlled below 12%, and the moisture content of the particleboard and fiberboard should be controlled at 6-10%.

If a large amount of moisture is present in the substrate of the artificial board, not only the adhesion of the impregnated paper but also the bubbling lamp site is likely to occur.

At the same time, the gloss of the surface covering layer is uneven, resulting in a wet flower phenomenon, which eventually leads to defects in the product.

The thickness tolerance and flatness of the wood-based panel substrate are related to the average price distribution of the panel surface pressure, which has an obvious influence on the veneer products.

So there are strict requirements for the melamine lamination press machine.

In front of the surface, the surface of the board should be finished and sanded (wideband sander).

To finish the substrate to the conventional thickness standard, it is necessary to perform two surface sanding.

Qiangtong melamine lamination press machine also has requirements of impregnated paper.

The resin-impregnated paper is mainly composed of a base paper and a resin, and various base papers are respectively impregnated with different synthetic resins and dried to form an impregnated paper, the quality of which directly affects the quality of the decorative board.

The decorative base paper influences the appearance and physical properties of the resin-impregnated paper veneer for Qiangtong melamine lamination press machine.

The main purpose is to decorate the effect.

Therefore, the surface of the product mainly presents a decorative pattern, so the decorative base paper should have a beautiful and realistic printed pattern.

To exert the surface printing effect, it is required that the decorative base paper has excellent smoothness, and the printing ink has good printing property.

At the same time, the selected ink should have thermal stability and durability, and it will not change color during hot pressing and long-term use, and will not deteriorate.

The solvent used for the immersion liquid differs depending on the type of the synthetic resin, and its compatibility with the printing ink and the loss of the printing pattern after hot pressing are sufficiently considered board.

When Qiangtong melamine lamination press machine production process of impregnated paper in the floor, the pre-curing degree of the decorative paper pressed by the floor should be 45-55%, the pre-curing degree of the balancing paper should be 35-55%, and the pre-curing degree of the abrasion-resistant paper should be 45~ 55%, of which the control of volatiles: decorative paper, balance paper, wear-resistant paper should be about 6 to 8%.

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