MDF Lamination Machine by Melamine Paper Hot Press

The MDF lamination machine is actually short cycle hot press machine, which is used for direct laminating melamine papers on MDF, Particle Board, and Chipboard etc. The melamine paper means decorative paper impregnated by melamine glue. It is one kind of solid glue, which can be only melted by high temperature to paste on MDF board.

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Application of MDF Lamination Machine

The MDF lamination machine is for hot laminating melamine impregnated paper on MDF board to get various kinds of laminated decorative boards.

The surface texture is made by the stainless-steel chrome plate which is installed inside the hot press machine. The press machine is pressing the board touching by chrome plate. That is how the surface design came out.

The laminated boards have many artificial surfaces such as MIRROR, MATT, SUEDE, WOODGRAIN, SUEDE, EMBOSSED, 3D etc.


application of short cycle press machine

MDF Lamination Machine Basic Models

The semi-auto model MDF lamination machine working video is as under:

The fully automatic model MDF lamination machine working video is as under:



Details of Qiangtong MDF Lamination Machine

  • Main machine frame

frame of short cycle press

  • Structure analysis and hot platens

  • Main hydraulic oil cylinders

new design short cycle press cylinder

  • Hydraulic station

  • Belt conveyor loader & vacuum pad unloader

loader and unloader of short cycle press

General Introduction of MDF Lamination Machine

The global industry has entered into “Industry 4.0” , while our industry is also entering the age of automation and informatization. MDF lamination machine is the automatic production line that we launched conform to the trend of the times.

MDF lamination machine can be used for monitoring the production and providing correct data for realizing information for the company.

Besides, there’re still other important meanings of MDF lamination machine in production. The characteristics of MDF lamination machine: high speed, continuous and automation bring the following advantages: reduce the labor intensity, improve the labor conditions and save the labor force; accurately control the complicated and changeable production process to be proceeded under best condition, reduce the consumption of material and power, extend the service life of MDF lamination machine, thereby reduce the cost; it can control the high efficient and fast-changing production process; reduce the failure rate caused by manual operation, ensure the production safety and prevent accident. Generally speaking, MDF lamination machine can effectively promote the economic benefit of the company and the economic growth of our country.

We launch several models of MDF lamination machine for our customers to choose from, and we can also do customization to meet customers’ different requirements. No matter the customer is a pioneer who wants to turn his company from artificialization to automation, or wants to enhance the degree of automation, we will provide the best solution and machines.

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