MDF Laminating Machine For Melamine Boards

The MDF laminating machine is actually short cycle hot press machine, which is used for direct laminating melamine papers on MDF, Particle Board, and Chipboard etc. The melamine paper means decorative paper impregnated by melamine glue. It is one kind of solid glue, which can be only melted by high temperature to paste on MDF board.

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Application of MDF Laminating Machine

Qiangtong MDF Laminating Machine is mainly used for the veneering of various wood panels and melamine-impregnated paper. It can be used for pressing wooden floors, furniture panels, door panels. According to the local market demand, combined with the main technical parameters such as hot platen size, total pressure, number of layers, plate surface pressure and unit output capacity, customers can choose the right type of MDF Laminating Machine.

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Details of Qiangtong MDF Lamination Machine

MDF laminating machine

  • Main machine frame

frame of short cycle press

  • Structure analysis and hot platens

  • Main hydraulic oil cylinders

new design short cycle press cylinder

  • Hydraulic station

  • Belt conveyor loader & vacuum pad unloader

loader and unloader of short cycle press

General Introduction of MDF Laminating Machine

Qiangtong MDF laminating machine has two kinds of types to press. One is single side laminating machine, another is double side laminating machine. They have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Generally speaking, customers who choose Qiangtong single side MDF laminating machines produce furniture decorative boards. The boards are mainly low-density particleboard ( PB ) or medium-density board ( MDF ). Low-density boards have low costs. Because furniture decorative boards do not need to withstand high pressure, there is no need to choose high-density boards ( HDF ). MDF and PB have lower press tonnage because of lower density, and the general pressure does not exceed 1,400 tons.

Qiangtong single side MDF laminating machine can laminate gloss or embossed surface. The thickness of the furniture board will not exceed 15mm ( MDF ) and 16mm ( PB ). The embossed surface usually uses MDF. The disadvantage of single side MDF laminating machine for pressing embossed surface is that it is easy to warp and deform. If the decorative paper is not good, the surface texture will crack. Therefore, the best way to the laminate embossed surface is that press on double side MDF laminating machine.

Qiangtong single side MDF laminating machine can also be used for double-sided melamine papers, that is, pressing one side and then turning over and pressing the other side. Although the labor cost will increased, the output will also reduced compared to the double side MDF laminating machine. However, the product yield will be high. Because of the two high-temperature pressing and setting, the stability of the pressing products is better.

Finally, we summarize the advantages for Qiangtong single side MDF laminating machine is that suitable for furniture board and has a good production stability. Furthermore, the investment of equipment is very low and easy to start. Besides, customers who uses double side MDF laminating machine usually laminating flooring and decorative boards. The advantage is that the pressing speed is fast. Generally, 1500 sheets can be pressed in one day ( 24hours, three shifts )

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