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Qiangtong as a professional manufacturer of laminate hot press machines was established early in 2003.

The laminate hot press machine is used for direct laminating melamine papers or phenolic film on MDF, Particle Board, Chipboard or Plywood etc. The laminated board has various designs such as mirror, matt, suede, snow, wood, stone etc. which is widely used in furniture and flooring field.

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Application of Laminate Hot Press Machine

The laminate hot press machine is applied for short cycle lamination technology. This means that the impregnated paper is pressed against the particleboard and fiberboard by a hot press to play a decorative role. The products are mainly divided into three categories: furniture panels, door panels, and floors. The main difference between a furniture board and a floor is that the type of impregnated paper is different, and the floor needs higher abrasion resistance. The floor is also called reinforced floor, which refers to the floor that is impregnated with one or two layers (decorative paper and abrasion-resistant paper) of special-purpose paper on the surface of high-density fiberboard, backed with balance paper, and hot-pressed.
It is mainly used for veneering of various wood panels and melamine-impregnated paper. It can be used for pressing wooden floors, furniture panels, door panels.
Suitable for producing various sizes of products, 4’x8 ‘, 4’x9’, 5’x8 ‘, 6’x8’, 6’x9 ‘, 7’x9’, 6’x12 ‘, 4’x16’, etc. for selection.

application of short cycle press machine

Melamine laminated boards are made by melamine paper laminated on the wood-based panels such as MDF, Particleboard, etc. The surface texture design is coming from the stainless steel press plate which is installed in the melamine press machine. It could have many kinds of touching surfaces such as wood grain, embossing, and some 3D designs which are mostly copied natural feeling.

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Parameters of Laminate Hot Press Machine

Data-sheet of short cycle press machine


Details of Laminate Hot Press Machine

  • Main machine frame

frame of short cycle press

  • Structure analysis and hot platens

  • Main hydraulic oil cylinders

new design short cycle press cylinder

  • Hydraulic station


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More Introduction of Laminate Hot Press Machine

The working process of the laminate hot press machine during veneering can be divided into five processes: closing, boosting, holding, releasing, and lowering. The main body of the press can be divided into three parts from the realization of the function: heating system (providing heat source), hydraulic system (providing pressure and controlling the action of the press) and press body (frame, control part).

For many years, Qiangtong Machinery and its technical team have been committed to improving the stability of the laminate hot press machine, simplifying the operating system, and optimizing the overall structure to make it easy to maintain. These have ensured the continuous improvement of the quality of the laminate hot press machine, but also to ensure the quality of the final products upgrades constantly. Since the start of the year in 2020, the technical team has continued to make efforts to improve the operating mechanism of the in-feed and out-feed system, further reducing the operating cycle time and increasing the unit output capacity.

Double-sided laminate hot press machine is our mainstream product. It is mainly used for the veneer of melamine-impregnated paper for medium-density fiberboard and particleboard, and it can press deep relief (simultaneous alignment) furniture boards above 1600T. Widely used in furniture board, floor, cabinet board, door board, etc. It has the advantages of fast pressing speed, high efficiency and labor-saving. The standard double laminate hot press machine has an automatic feeding trolley, which is convenient for manual operation.

Our company has gone through more than 17 years of improvement and research, and upgraded and developed a new type of press on the basis of the old model. So the laminate hot press machine has the characteristics of longer life, easier operation, easier maintenance and more energy saving.

The main features of the double-sided laminate hot press machine are high efficiency, fast speed, labor-saving, and longer life. The steel used in our press is subjected to more uniform stress after aging treatment, and the improved press frame is more reasonable, increasing strength and fatigue life, and making the frame life longer. At the same time, the mainframe is CNC machined to reduce the risk of frame fracture due to fatigue stress. The new double veneer press has better thermal insulation and more stable and faster hydraulic system. The new synchronous lever mechanism can ensure that the upper and lower sides of the hot platen of the laminate hot press machine are strictly parallel and cannot be easily separated. The daily output of double-sided sticking laminate hot press machine can reach about 1200 to 1500 sheets.

The main features of the new double laminate hot press machine press are:
1. The auxiliary time is short, and the press realizes fast closing and pressurization;
2. Using integrated clip-in board and swing sucker plate-out device;
The loading and unloading of the board is synchronized;
3. Stable and fast operation process, suitable paper, the maximum output can reach 120 sheets/hour (vertical) and 100 sheets/hour (horizontal);
4. Simplified labor, one person can operate the entire production line;
5. Pressed products are of high quality and meet the production requirements of high-grade furniture or flooring.

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