Hydraulic Cold Press Machine For Plywood

Qiangtong hydraulic cold press machine for plywood and blockboard, to hold glued boards for 8 hours or one day. The feeding system is a chain conveyor, you only need to put one block plywood by a forklift on the chain conveyor, then it will move boards into the hydraulic press machine automatically.

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Hydraulic Cold Press Machine

Qiangtong hydraulic cold press machine for plywood and blockboard, for holding glued boards for 8 hours or one day. It consists of a chain conveyor, so you only need to forklift one piece of plywood onto the chain conveyor, then the automatic press machine will move the boards automatically into place.
Hydraulic short cycle hot press

The new design hydraulic short cycle hot press machine is obviously superior to the classic design not only in outlooking but also in internal designs. The main advantages of the new designs are a stronger structure and innovative hydraulic system which made the machine working longer life with much less problem. Click to know more.

Fully Auto Hydraulic hot press line

The fully automatic hydraulic short cycle hot press line is consists of raw boards cleaning unit, automatic raw board carrying unit, paper overlaying, loading conveyor, hot press unit, automatic unloading conveyor, automatic trimming unit, stand cooling line and stacking unit with the inspection. You can assemble different functions as your specific demands. Click to know more.

Vertical Hydraulic hot press machine

The standard hydraulic short cycle hot press machine is feeding by a horizontal way. But we also provide the vertical feeding way press machine as an optional choice. The vertical short-cycle press machine is usually used in laminating 6*12 feet size. And mostly is a fully automatic line since the vertical direction is not easy for manual loading. Click to know more.

Qiangtong has developed various types of hydraulic hot press machine, and the most popular sale type is short-cycle press lines which are used for hot laminating melamine faced boards. This is one kind of direct lamination technology that is applied to different kinds of wood-based panels such as MDF, Particle Board & Plywood.

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Why Qiangtong Hydraulic Cold Press Machine For Plywood

  • 17+ years experience in direct melamine lamination technologies.

  • 20+ countries have Qiangtonghot press machine & press lines till now.

  • 300+ sets annual output of hot press machine by current production team.

  • 3000+ sets hot press machine & press lines have been sold worldwide. 

Qiangtong Automatic press machine

Qiangtong Plywood Hydraulic Cold Press Machine

  • Applications of plywood hydraulic cold press machine

Qiangtong plywood hydraulic cold press machine is for pressing one pallet glue-laminated plywood in a long time, normally 8 hours or more time. To make the glue between plywood layers getting solid. This hydraulic cold press machine is the necessary process of plywood board production.



  • Characteristic of plywood hydraulic cold press machine

The plywood hydraulic press machine has become more and more common in industrial applications. In addition to price competition, the characteristic is also a major advantage of this kind of plywood hydraulic press machine. First, the hydraulic control system placed on the right side of the main press is convenient to operate and maintain. The hydraulic system adopts an integrated valve block system to achieve big flow and high accuracy. Besides, Qiangtong plywood hydraulic press machine uses a welded frame structure. The hydraulic press body composed of a fixed table, slider, upper beam, and other components. These structures give the hydraulic press machine sufficient rigidity and strength, compact structure, as well as a beautiful appearance. The last important system is electrical. Our electrical system uses PLC control; the pressure and temperature of the hot platen can be displayed on the touch screen. It also has an automatic chronograph and alarm function.

There are a few points that should be noted when choosing the Qiangtong plywood hydraulic press machine. Generally, the cylinder and position sensor is the key influence factors of the press. The plywood hydraulic press machine uses multiple cylinders to work at the same time. Some cylinders can adjust the pressure according to their respective positions. However, some other cylinders are directly connected to the same pressure tube, which can’t be adjusted individually. Thus, it is impossible to overcome the thickness deviation caused by the uneven position of the slab on the press plate. In addition, the accuracy of the position sensor also has a great influence on the thickness.

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