Automatic Flooring Packaging Machine by Wiseway

Wiseway company is subordinate to Qiangtong company which is established especially for producing flooring automatic packaging machines and all kinds of automation for the flooring production whole process replacing labor work.

Wiseway automatic flooring packaging machine has high packing efficiency which is up to 12 boxes/min. It is compatible with all kinds of package sizes in the market.

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General Introduction of Flooring Packaging Machine

Wiseway WS-R series high speed automatic flooring packaging machine is for packing flooring carton box with hot melt glue sealing, which uses PLC controlling system, it applies chain dial transfer structure with European gluing machine, the packaging capacity is max. up to 12 boxes/min, so WS-R flooring packaging machine can work directly matching with 120m/min speed DET click profiling machine.

WS-R flooring packaging machine can make the real hand free from package work. Wiseway flooring packaging machine can set up the box sizes very flexibly under the settled range. The standard model is automatic combine with manual, most adjusted by motors but close to accuracy need manual adjust. All the processes only need to load cardboards when the alarm is reminding you to add by around every 20 mins. So it is very useful and helpful to save package laborers which were most labors occupied during the flooring production process.

wiseway flooring packaging machine 1



WS-R Flooring Package Machine Working Process

The floorings firstly are stacked and positioned, then transfer to the flooring packaging machine automatically, the cardboard is loaded by a vacuum sucker. When the cardboard is fixed in position, then one pusher will push the stacked floorings into the cardboard and drop-down together into the box maker. The box maker will make the cardboard into a shaped box, then the chain holders hold the carton box with floorings moving ahead by the double chains. The glue injector will inject the hot melt glue to box ears during the box running on the line. Then the cover structure will press and stick the box ears. After finishing the width sides sealing, the half-done box will be turned 90 degree to make the length side sealing with the same working method. Then the complete carton box is well packed by this flooring packaging machine automatically.

flooring packaging process

Typical Flooring Packaging Machine Layout With Automations

Layout of flooring packaging machine

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