Short Cycle Lamination Press Line

Short Cycle Lamination Press Line

Qiangtong  short cycle lamination press line is for laminating melamine paper on MDF HDF Particleboard Chipboard etc. wood-based pannels. Qiangtong press has outstanding quality, high output capacity, easy operation, low cost maintenance and lifelong after sales support. 

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All Models of Qiangtong Short Cycle Lamination Press Line

Qiangtong automatic short cycle lamination press line has various models which are different configurations of functional units such as raw board pusher, brusher for cleaning board, vacuum pad carrier for loading and unloader board, automatic trimming machine, etc. You can customize your own automatic short cycle press line by selecting the units which you need.
Hydraulic block of short cycle press

The hydraulic station of Qiangtong short cycle lamination press line is a hydraulic source device including the control valve composed of the hydraulic pump, the driving motor, the fuel tank, the directional valve, the throttle valve, and the relief valve. Qiangtong hydraulic block adopts brands, large flow, optimized structure design, and precise control of pressure.

Hydraulic station of Qiangtong short cycle press

Qiangtong short cycle lamination press line hydraulic station is equipped with an accumulator to accelerate the pressurization time and increase the production capacity. At the same time, it is equipped with a powerful cooling machine to guarantee the working of the hydraulic system. Servo oil pump system can save 30% of electricity consumption for users.

Electrical cabinet of Qiangtong short cycle press

Qiangtong short cycle lamination press line electrical control system adopts PLC integrated design, intelligent control system, stable and reliable operation. The man-machine interface is easy to use, the menu is clear and easy to understand, and it has the function of parameter memory, which improves the user’s productivity.

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Why Qiangtong Short Cycle Lamination Press Line

  • 18+ years experience in direct melamine lamination technologies.

  • 20+ countries have Qiangtonghot press machine & press lines till now.

  • 300+ sets annual output of hot press machine by current production team.

  • 3000+ sets hot press machine & press lines have been sold worldwide. 

Why qiangtong short cycle press line

Brief Introduction about Qiangtong

Wuxi Qiangtong Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2003. Till now has 18 years experience in manufacturing short cycle hot press machine for laminating melamine faced board, which is widely used for making furniture panel and HDF flooring. 

Qiangtong has 14000 square meters workshop and 120 employees, yearly output capacity is max. 500 sets press machines. Qiangtong started exporting machines to foreign countries since 2008, till now has installed machines over 20 countries. Now we have about 30% output export abroad in average. 

An innovative and rigorous technical team, a mature production team, and a well-served after-sales team are the three core competitiveness of Qiangtong. With 18 years of press manufacturing experience, Qiangtong presses not only have stable quality, perfect details, safe and simple operation, and standardized design minimizes the after-sales cost of the equipment. We do our best to help customers save running costs.

Qiangtong’s latest generation of short-cycle press adopts a frame-type assembly structure and a suspension cylinder design, which makes the whole body more resistant to pressure and deformation, so the life of the press is much longer before. The large-aperture distributed hydraulic barrel at the top, combined with the upgraded hydraulic system, servo oil pump and oil cooler, provides faster pressure supply and more stable pressure holding for the entire hydraulic system, significantly improving press output and pressing quality. The electrical system can be equipped with remote network control function, which can quickly and promptly help customers who are far away from us to detect and solve the press failure. Saving the time for customers to troubleshoot is to help customers save the loss of downtime and create higher production benefits. We always adhere to the service concept of maximizing customer benefits.

Qiangtong Professional Team

Qiangtong has two professional international teams. One team is sales another team is after-sales. The sales team has trained well to provide the customer with the helpful guidance of purchase and give the most suitable quotation. They are 12 hours online daily, to answer your questions promptly with their rich experience and knowledge. The after-sales team has travelled almost all year worldwide to support customer installation work. They could adapt to different country cultures and living habits. They are friendly and easy-going. Although they couldn’t speak English well, they know how to communicate with the mobile phone software flexibly. Their good service and professional skills are the guarantees of holding our superior reputation in the market. Therefore, choose QiangtongG means choose SERVICE.

Qiangtong Production Control

Every order is a trust from customer, Qiangtong takes care of customer’s orders very carefully. To produce the outstanding quality of short cycle press line, we control the quality strictly from raw materials to manufacturing processes. We train the employees regularly to make sure they are capable of their positions. For each step of quality control, we request them to fulfill their duty of following company quality standards. By every staff’s effort, we could supply the customer with the most satisfying hydraulic hot press machines. So Choose QIANGTONG means choose QUALITY.

Qiangtong gives you more opinions in semi-auto and fully-auto short cycle press lines such as automatic cleaning system, automatic board loading system, automatic trimming machine, and automatic stacking system etc. You could choose each function unit to organize your own line layout. Flexibility and meet customized requirements are Qiangtong short cycle press line stands for. To make a good quality of automatic lines, we have expanded another workshop especially for producing automation. 

Qiangtong Export Worldwide

We are proud to say that QIANGTONG brand now is quite popular worldwide in melamine direct lamination field. Till 2020 we have exported hot press machines over 20 countries such as Switzerland, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Middle East, Turkey, South Africa, Egypt, Nigeria etc. So if we already have old customer in your market, we can arrange the site visit for you at your country which will be very helpful for you to save your analyze time of new investment. Besides, the already exist customers will build the trust between us in the beginning which will promote our conversation more smoothly.

customer photos of short cycle hot press machine

Delivery of Short Cycle Press Line

Qiangtong short cycle press line is required to deliver by special containers combine with normal containers. The main machine body is oversized of standard containers, so it can be only loaded by open-top containers or flat rack containers. Each year, we are loading about 50~80 sets of hydraulic hot press machines, so our team is very familiar with the special containers loading work. We know how to fix it firmly and make sure it is waterproof and rust against, finally to hand the machine to the customer site safely.

Exhibitions of Qiangtong

Every year we participate in many exhibitions in hot sales countries such as India, Vietnam, Pakistan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Mexico and we are planning for more. Meanwhile, we also participate in Chinese international fairs such as Interzum in Guangzhou, Woodmac in Shanghai, etc. If you have any plan of coming to laminates and its related technology exhibitions, you could contact us for making appointments.

Fair photos of short cycle hot press machine

Short Cycle Press Line Purchase Guide

Qiangtong team is not only providing short cycle press line itself, but also providing super service such as guidance of the beginner.

As a beginner, the whole schematic is very important to have a top view of whole project investment especially when a customer is not just making laminated boards but laminate products such as floorings.

So, we give beginners a complete solution for building the production line even overlay their workshop. The correct guidance plays a very key role in the success of a new investment, to make customers could choose the most suitable machine and start from min. the risk to ensure max. the success of starting the line and grow the business step by step. So, if you are the first time to start the lamination business, we are strongly recommending you to follow our guidelines.

First step: Make clear about laminates type and production quantity

The final products decide the machine model itself. For example, you are going to make normal laminates or deep embossing laminates. This will decide the hot press machine pressure level.

  • If you only want the normal surface such as glossy, matt, suede, light woodgrain. Then you can go for 1200T till 1600T.
  • If you want to make embossing laminated boards, you must start from 1800T till 2800T.
  • Second, the pressure also has an effect on the core board, for example, if you are using an only partible board, then the pressure will be no more than 1800T, mostly 1600T is enough. Because the particleboard inside is harder than MDF, so it is not suitable for embossed boards.
  • Each press machine can give out 100~120 boards per hour, so the capacity is fixed, how many press machine you are required depends on how many you could sell.

Second step: Make clear about the machine configurations

The press machine has many different configurations, mainly is typed by manual operation or automation operation two kinds. The manual machine model is consisting of a loading belt and a press machine and unloader. While the full automation model is consisting of a clean unit, loading unit, press unit, trimming unit, stacking unit, etc. it depends on your demands.

  • Semi-auto which means the manual model has two kinds, the difference is unloading type is automatic or manually.
  • The fully automatic line we have a model of ZD-A, ZD-B, ZD-C which is depending on different demands.
  • The components brand we have two kinds, one is standard, another is a high level which is all European brands;
  • To run the hot press machine, you need a boiler to supply the hot oil, so this should be also considered when you purchase the press machine.

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