Melamine Press Line For Short Cycle Lamination

The Melamine Press Line is actually short cycle hot press machine, which is used for direct laminating melamine papers on MDF, Particle Board, and Chipboard etc. The melamine paper means decorative paper impregnated by melamine glue. It is one kind of solid glue, which can be only melted by a high temperature.

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Details of Qiangtong Melamine Press Line

MDF laminating machine

  • Main machine frame

frame of short cycle press

  • Structure analysis and hot platens

  • Main hydraulic oil cylinders

new design short cycle press cylinder

  • Hydraulic station

  • Belt conveyor loader & vacuum pad unloader

loader and unloader of short cycle press

General Introduction of Melamine Press Line

Qiangtong factory is one of the most professional factory that focus on wood working machinery. Till now, we have exported a lot of machines all over the world. Such as India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Egypt, Mexico, Canada etc.

Melamine press line is the most hot sale machine in Qiangtong factory. Let us introduce this machine today. Qiangtong Melamine press line is used for laminating melamine paper on MDF board through stainless steel press plate to get beautiful surface texture such as Matt, glossy, wood grain.

The products that produced by Melamine press line is used on furniture board, door skin, flooring. Also the products is suitable for different size on 4x8ft, 4x9ft, 6x8ft, 6x9ft, 6x12ft. We also can adjust the hot platen of the MDF lamination machine to adjust the board size that you want.

Specially, Qiangtong Melamine press line has certain requirements for raw materials. The density of MDF is 440 ~ 880 kg / m3, or 400 ~ 800 kg / m3, and the standard thickness is 3mm, 5mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 25mm. The use of MDF has the following advantages: the surface is flat, the internal structure is uniform, and it is easy to sculpt and process into various shapes.

The current daily output of Qiangtong Melamine press line can reach abut 1200 – 1500 sheets. The steel used in Melamine press is subjected to more uniform stress after aging treatment, and the improved press frame is more reasonable, increasing strength and fatigue life, and making the frame life longer. At the same time, the main frame is CNC machined to reduce the risk of frame fracture due to fatigue stress. The new double veneer press has better thermal insulation and more stable and faster hydraulic system. The new synchronous lever mechanism can ensure that the upper and lower sides of the hot platen of Qiangtong Melamine press line are strictly parallel and cannot be easily separated.


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