QIANGTONG Melamine Hot Press Lamination Machine

QIANGTONG Hot press lamination machine is for melamine board application in furniture and flooring. The furniture board core is normally MDF and Particle board, while the flooring core is HDF. The overlay is melamine impregnated paper which is made by impregnation line with all kinds of printed designs such as natural wood grain or stone etc.

Our hot press lamination machine has mainly two kinds, one is semi model another is fully automatic model which includes auto raw board cleaning and loading, auto finished board trimming and stacking. You could choose by your requirements of process.

  • Hot press lamination machine
  • Hot press lamination machine
  • Hot press lamination machine

Data sheet of hot press lamination machine

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Hot Press Lamination Machine

QIANGTONG hot press lamination machine also named short cycle press machine has outstanding quality because of each details are deeply studied and developed the latest technology.

QIANGTONG hot press lamination machine frame design is analyzed by the mechanical software so that to have the strongest structure. The latest design frame is assembled structure which cylinders are installed by handling. This design guaranteed the hot press lamination machine frame can bear much higher pressure. So when the pressure is over 100 kg/cm2, the machine can still stand strong for over 10 years by 24 hours working.

The hot platen of hot press lamination machine is made by the grinding machine, which process by the drilling, milling, planning, grinding. So the hot platens’ smoothness is extremely high, which can control the error is under 0.1mm / m2 and closure error under 0.15mm / m2 as well as pressure error under 0.1 Mm / m2. QIANGTONG hot press lamination machine’s hot platen made with the entire thick steel plate, the middle heating channel distribution is reasonable to ensure the surface temperature uniformity. The hot platen with double sides heating to meet the faster melamine direct lamination. So the products laminated by QIANGTONG hot press lamination machine will have very uniform shinny level everywhere and thickness keep very same from edge to middle.

QIANGTONG hot press lamination machine has hard-link synchronization structure for balancing the hot platens’ parallelism. The four-pole height of synchronous body connected with the silk teeth adjustment to achieve automatic dynamic balance. This design is making sure the machine working in high accuracy of parallelism so that the boards laminated quality come out from QIANGTONG hot press lamination machine is most stable.

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